Why are CBD Products so Expensive

January 24, 2022

CBD supplements have received a great deal of positive attention in recent years. Part of this is due to an increased focus on research and learning about the benefits of CBD. Alongside this, several high-profile legal cases have caught the media’s attention and helped to make more people aware of CBD products and their benefits.

The positive attention surrounding CBD products has led to the CBD industry becoming one of the fastest-growing areas within the health and wellness world. CBD products are everywhere and can now be easily found in most pharmacies, health food stores, and vape stores. There are also a growing number of CBD products on US-focused sites. 

Many people are trying CBD products for the first time, looking to experience some of the plant’s positive health benefits for themselves. Unfortunately, while CBD products might be easy to find, they are not as easy to afford. Most CBD products are priced significantly higher than other similar supplements and health care products.

Why is it that CBD products come with such a high price tag, and are there options?

The Sourcing of CBD

The best CBD products are made from single source hemp plants. As with any product, single-sourced products cost slightly more than those sourced from multiple farms or suppliers. Single source CBD products ensure a greater level of consistency in terms of the effects that they felt, making them worth the higher price tag for most people.

There are thousands of different hemp plant strains, and each one has a unique ratio of terpenes and cannabinoids. While CBD is the most prominent compound within CBD products, the other cannabinoids and terpenes within the product also play a part in determining its effectiveness.

The conditions in which hemp plants are grown can also affect their quality and, in turn, a product’s potency. By using hemp plants that have come from a single source, CBD companies can ensure that their products are consistent in terms of effects, potency, and quality.

Manufacturing Methods

The manufacturing method used to create high-quality CBD products is another reason that the best products are often more expensive.

Several different extraction methods can be used to obtain the cannabinoids found within hemp plants. Specific methods produce better quality CBD extract and deliver a high potency. The methods used to create the best CBD products, such as CO2 extraction, involve more expensive equipment and take more time. These two factors are reflected in the price of the final product.

The quality of the ingredients used to create CBD products is also a factor in determining price. It is not just the cannabinoids that go into a product that affects the overall quality but also all of the base ingredients that make up the body of the item.

CBD products made using 100% natural, and organically sourced ingredients tend to be slightly more expensive than those made using artificial ingredients. Whether the difference in ingredients actually impacts the effectiveness of the CBD is still unclear.

For many people, though, the high price point is worth avoiding artificial ingredients that they would not normally consume.

Full Lab Testing and Reports

All of the best CBD products come with complete lab reports that customers can access while shopping. The lab reports show a complete cannabinoid, terpene, and compound breakdown allowing the customer to see exactly what goes into each item.

CBD lab reports also act as a quality check making sure that products conform to strict standards and provide the potency advertised. Without such lab testing, it is hard to guarantee consistent quality even with the best manufacturing methods.

Lab tests add an additional step to the manufacturing of CBD products and require time and manpower. Many budget CBD products do not come with lab reports and are often not worth the money saved.

Are Expensive CBD Products Worth the Price and are There Cheaper Options?

While price is not the only indicator of a good CBD product or a bad CBD product, those that cost slightly more tend to provide a better user experience. Opting for the cheapest CBD products available to save money is likely to result in a less practical experience. It can even make the product not worth even trying.

This does not mean, however, that the most expensive products will deliver the best results. There is a middle ground with CBD; these products can still be affordable while also providing rewarding results. Brands like Provacan manage to achieve this balance using high-quality CBD and ingredients while also keeping prices as low as possible. 

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