How to Choose the Right Hospitality Equipment & Supplies

February 8, 2022

Selecting good quality pieces of equipment, products, and accessories is essential to the success of your hospitality business. With the right equipment and supplies, you’ll not only process orders faster and efficiently but also make your operation smoother and subsequently contribute to your establishment of a good reputation for good service. Another important factor is hiring the skilled labor for ensuring quality services.

With so much importance put on these services, it’s just natural that you’d put some thought so you can make the right decision. We’ve therefore compiled some tips to help you choose the right equipment and supplies.

Think About Seasonal Demands and Non-Catering Supplies

 If your business has other ongoing equipment needs, it’s crucial to consider increasing demands when planning your procurement. Make sure you give your suppliers a notice and, if possible, plan your purchases earlier to avoid higher costs.

If you use a well-organized procurement calendar, you are less likely to be caught unaware. The key to a successful hospitality supplies selection is planning.

Think About the End Users

When choosing hospitality supplies, put your end-users in mind. Select products that will make people more attracted to your hotel. It would help if you kept them in mind when selecting colors and brands. Plus, make sure your products bear your hotel style, brand, and look. This way, you’ll build your reputation as a hotelier and fulfill your guests’ expectations.

Do Your Research on the Supplier?

Since not all hospitality equipment is created equally, do your research well and don’t be afraid to call ahead to ask questions. If you are looking for a substantial quantity of goods, consider online suppliers of hospitality equipment. Good wholesalers will carry a wide range of supplies at more competitive prices.

Another vital thing to consider is after-sales support. Ensure the suppliers operate next to you in case you need support. You also want to check if they have a trusted contact for any other services you may need.

Never Sacrifice Quality

Believe it or not, customers know what high-quality products look like. When you have quality hospitality supplies, you’ll be increasing your chances of getting favored by customers. When your guests receive a bad impression, there is a chance they’ll vent their displeasure on social channels and review sites. Providing superior products will boost employee morale and enhance your hotel’s reputation.  Your staff will be encouraged to work in a well-provisioned and well-run establishment.

Know About Seasonality, Demand, and Supply

Apart from the season, the demand for certain products also changes. Examples of these products include fireworks, thanksgiving decoration, overcoats, Christmas cards, and swimwear.  Given that there are enough hotel supplies throughout the year, the only issue is the demand.

Are you anticipating your demand to increase at certain times of the year? If so, how much time do you need to give your supplier? When ordering something, make sure you give them acceptable delivery dates.

Opt for Energy Efficient Supplies

Choosing the best supplies should involve more than just considering the price. It would be best to consider their lifetime cost, including the energy that they will need. This is very important when choosing the pieces that require the most power, such as the refrigerators. Choosing a more efficient model in terms of energy consumption will benefit you a lot, even if you have to incur additional costs.

Be Compliant

Running a business means you have to be compliant with several regulations and codes enforced to protect the well-being of your customers, staff, and the public. Just like other businesses, the hospitality industry is no different. They even have the added responsibility of ensuring that the food they serve is safe.

Since such laws come from various government bodies, they will vary depending on where you are located. To be on the safe side, meet with the officials and inspectors before buying any new equipment.

Know Your Style

This point is more applicable to establishments that want to leave a lasting impression. Before the guests order their meals in a particular hotel, they’ll factor in their entire experience. This includes what they smell, hear and see. If your guests can see your kitchen, you want them to feel impressed. If you have two variations, similar pieces of equipment, choose the most stylish ones. This way, your guests will be impressed!

Offering quality hospitality supplies, complimentary bath accessories, and providing outstanding service can make your guests feel pleasant and leave them with a lingering impression of their stay at your hotel. Therefore, choosing your hospitality supplies wisely is a way of advertising your hotel and expanding your guest list.

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