Top Colors for Your Doors and Windows

February 8, 2022

Your doors and windows can be important home décor elements. The shape and size of the doors and windows may remain unchangeable but colors are something that you can always experiment with. Revamp your doors and windows with bright, vibrant shades. Check the home décor hacks and ideas below to get the best color combinations for your doors and windows.

Colorful contrast

Doors and windows are often designed to be in contrast with the walls. The colors pop out noticeably and the contrast can create a striking statement. You can try contrasting colors for the doors and windows if the walls are plain in appearance. Colors like red, blue, and black can always create a great appeal with simple walls. Color contrast can give a sharp look to your architecture from the outside as well.

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Earthy Browns

Brown is a common color for doors and windows. It has a rich, earthy vibe that generally complements all other colors. It is also the natural color of the wood and polished doors and windows in brown can give a raw, aesthetic appeal. Brown can be a good color for simple home decor that is inspired by nature. It is also a great choice for traditional setups that are set in nature. Brown can be a simple and elegant choice for any kind of house.

Contemporary and Cool

Shades like teal, lime, green, and sky blue are colors that have come to be prominent in the contemporary style. These are cool colors that have a soft and soothing texture but can also stand out to give a unique and contemporary look. These are light colors for doors and windows and hence, may require high maintenance. These colors can truly make your entrance look edgy and cool. They are a perfect choice for commercial stores and public spaces that want to give a modern look.

Modern Neutrals

Neutral colors like grey, black, and white can be perfect shades for doors and windows. They are not very traditional but rather give a modern look to your house. Neutral colors have a natural appeal and they also go well with almost any wall color. Hence, it can be a safe choice but it is also experimentative. White is the most traditional choice but black and grey can also be elegant and classy for doors and windows. 

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Choosing the right colors for doors and windows will depend on the wall colors and also the architecture of your house. If it’s a modern mansion, neutrals can be a great option. Colorful contemporary shades can be perfect for smaller houses. 

Whatever color you choose, it is sure to refresh the overall look of your exteriors and interiors. The best thing is that you can experiment a lot with your doors and windows. Give them a new shade every season!

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