8 Beautiful Garden Fence Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

January 10, 2023

A garden fence is something to consider when buying or building a house. It isn’t necessarily to have a garden but if you have these kinds of fences then it’s a big plus for your home. Putting up garden fences is not only required for gardening but a well-built garden fence around your home is also very important to ensure you, your property, and your family’s security. You can also learn more with Illinois Fence Company for they provide  you with the best possible fencing solutions for your unique situation.

Fencing is one of the many things to be accomplished in building a house and for the proper maintenance of your garden. Whether you are planning to grow your plants or a garden great for family gatherings and events, a garden fence is a solution to protecting your plot from a large range of threats. 

At this time of the pandemic, many people became more interested in growing their plants. Having homegrown vegetables tastes way better than those we purchase in the market. You don’t have to worry if you run out of food in your refrigerator, simply because you have your garden waiting for you in the backyard. 

1. Vintage Fence

If you’re a fan of rustic and old, then this is the best garden fence for you. There are a lot of ways in achieving that cool vintage vibe in your garden. One way is for you to make use of rustic colors to paint for such a material as a plank of wood or an old door stuck for years in the garage. 

Since it is a DIY vintage fence, you can save a lot of money by recycling materials that aren’t any longer in use. Furthermore, you can add your large clay pots near the fences to give you more of a vintage vibe garden. 

2. Wood Fencing / Wood Panels 

This type of fence is one of the most common fences we see in magazines or even in movies. As you know, it is also one of the easiest fences to build. It’s so simple yet still looks so elegant. Mostly, these types of fences are used in the farmlands to prevent big animals from entering the property. So, if you’re living in the lowlands, wood fencing is all you need. 

3. Bamboo Fence

Want to have that Bali theme garden at home? Then no worries, bamboo fencing is the perfect match. Instead of having wood fences, bamboo fences are a good alternative too. Aside from having aesthetic designs, it’s also friendly to your neighbors, and it gives you a great view of your backyard. 

4. Chain-Link Fence

This type of fence is usually used for big gardens. It is used to keep your pets or kids out of the garden. These fences are made of galvanized steel and it’s very durable that will last up to 30 years. Each chain-link has tiny holes that will prevent pests or small animals through the fence to protect your property. 

5. Traditional Picket Fence

 If you’re looking for fences for both of your plants and pets, this traditional picket fence is perfect. It is made out of modern vinyl materials to make it sturdier and can survive strong harsh weather conditions. It has a simple white design that can also be used for your pet’s playing pen in the garden. 

When you are too busy gardening then you can just leave your pet inside to avoid distracting you and can also be used for training your pet to poop just inside those garden fences. It’s very effective for pets, and simple to build, and can last up to 10 years, so not bad, right?

6. Artificial Leaf Decorative Fences

This type of fence can be seen either in parks or malls. It is also used for events that can be used as photography backdrops. It’s one of the easiest fences you can make, you just have to buy artificial leaves in the market and DIY them at home. 

You can make it more attractive by adding more designs to your fences or you could simply stick with the leafy design. When decorating, be creative. These garden fences are great for backdrops and great pictures, so you can always spice things up a bit. 

7. Log Fence

If you’re looking for something similar to wood fencing or wood paneling, go for log fencing. These circular logs give your garden great fences. Again, these garden fences are not complicated to make, it’s simple and easy to work with. 

You have two options in making this, either you do it yourself or you could just simply buy those readily cut for you to use in your garden fence. Thus, commercial logs are affordable in the market and they will surely give you aesthetics in your garden. 

8. Gated Garden Fence

Don’t just make a fence, make it dramatic too! A gate garden fence can look classical as it is so much more than a gate than just going in your premises. Gated fences have many uses, either you decorate them around your beautiful home or use it as your garden fences. It allows you to have that dream classical home because of the added gate garden fences. 

Here are some multiple purposes when having gated garden fences: It is used for entrance and exit points of the property, It can give you security by simply putting padlocks on the gate, It refuses animals to get through the property and it’s very aesthetic. It’s not bad to invest in this gated garden fence when it provides your home security and aesthetics.

Bring Out Your Creativity

In decorating your garden, make it cute, creative and fancy even if you only did it yourself. This is the time to show off your creativity. Let your imagination and creative mind work as you achieve that dream fence. And lastly, once your project is complete, enjoy it and invite some guests and make a garden tour. Give some tips on the process and the garden tools you have used. As they say, sharing is caring! Your neighbors might even be inspired and give compliments to you for it.  So, never let your fences be boring!

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