Computer on Module, A Highly Compact and Integrated Personal Computer

February 8, 2022

COM, a design application that is racially balanced in the way of an integrated circuit that integrates your core memory and CPU functionality.  COM Express or computer-on-module works to integrate all the common input/output of audio, Ethernet, graphics (PEG), USB, and PC/AT.

Express is Sinatra-inspired, and it’s important for routing. It makes available almost all the middleware, which is provided via connect. One doesn’t have to do the same coding monotonously. It has a low-level input/output mechanism.

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The Method of Functioning of Computer-on-Module

All the input and output signals are first mapped on the bottom of the module, two high density, and low-profile connectors. COM engages an approach that is mezzanine-based. Its baseboard is customizable. They can be upgraded with time with the available backward- compatibility.

They are very functional in different fields, including gaming, transportation, medical, general computing, industries, military/aerospace, and many more.

In 2005, after their first release, they provided a standardized interface for different targeted applications. They have now expanded to four module sizes, while previously, there were only two module sizes.

Types of Computer-on-Modules 

Right now, COM express has eight pins which are each defined in different specifications. Most common among these eight are type 10 and type 6, with the latest being 3.0 on module express 7. Type 7 gives up to 4 10GbE interfaces, and approximately 32 peripheral components interconnect express (PCle) lanes. These eight pins specification of COM express makes it 3.0 targeted for data center, video applications with high bandwidth, sever their revised versions recommended using 10, 7,6 and removed the other type 1,2,3,4, and 5.

Sizes provided by the company are

  • Mini: Which is 2.2*3.3 inches
  • Compact: Which is 3.7*3.7 inches
  • Basic: Which is 3.7*4.9inches
  • Extended: Which is 4.3*6.1 inches

The Specifications of This Device Involve 

Not available freely, but paper copies are available while free download for the design guide is provided.

The latest version of it, which is 3.0, came out in 2017, while the 1.0 version came in 2005 highly works friendly and provides an easy interface for the user.

The Salient Features

COM- Express avail next-generation work. It helps the customers to integrate and develop their careers with Advantech’s COM mod. They provide several valuable services, for example, design assistance, product, thermal solution, and software. They help lower the design risk while creating the carrier board. Advantech offers an ample range of products. They have more flexibility and modular design with secure and easy mounting on the solution board. Lowers the central process unity integration worries and allows a fast application through multiple processors and design modifications.

As they are widely popular in different industries these days, which are mentioned above, they are constantly being modified to make them useful in other industries. They make the work much easier and efficient because of their power of input and output integration programs. Lightweight and compact COM Express can be seen being accepted in other industries in the coming future.

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