Learning How to Spot the Signs: The Most Common Cell Phone Repairs

February 8, 2022

Did you know that Americans drop their phone around four times a week? Common mistakes lead to repairs. If you want to learn about why people go to a cell phone repair shop, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over common cell phone repair issues.

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Broken Camera Lens

A common issue people report is a hazy or broken camera lens. A lot of people will use their phones to take pictures and upload them to social media.

Try to clean the lens with a cloth. If this doesn’t fix the problem, you might need to get the lens replaced.

Your Battery Needs to Get Replaced

Cell Phone batteries will degrade over time. You might notice that your phone used to last an entire day from a single charging session. Now, you might need to plug your phone in a lot.

As time goes on, it’s normal for battery degradation to occur. The battery tends to degrade faster if you leave your phone charging after hitting 100 percent. You also don’t want to let your phone die all the time.

Make sure you charge your phone battery with care. If you need to change the battery, leave it to the professional.

You Damaged or Broke Your Screen

The majority of smartphone repairs have something to do with the screen. Sometimes, the touch screen gets damaged. Damage to the internal LCD Display or the LCD screen could result in a replacement.

On a smartphone, there is a front screen that will enhance and protect the LCD screen below. The LCD screen is more important than the front screen. The LCD screen provides the display features and touch interface.

It’s an easier fix if you damage the front screen compared to damaging the LCD screen. Make sure you fix your front screen as soon as possible. If you crack the front screen, you could risk damaging the LCD screen.

People notice after dropping their phone that the screen cracked, but the display’s lit up. You may have only damaged the front screen.

If you see black spots, discolored areas, or lines, you may have damaged the LCD screen.

Water Damage

Another common cell phone repair is water damage. A person’s cell phone may have come in contact with a liquid or been completely submerged.

Water contact or immersion can damage the circuit, the motherboard, or hardware components.

If this happens to your phone, you might need to get a replacement phone or repair done.

Your Charging Connector Is Damaged

Sometimes, a charging connector will malfunction or get damaged. Damage to the charging connector can occur after an electric short-circuit.

Other related problems include a damaged or broken USB connector or faulty dock.

Your Phone Won’t Unlock

A small percent of cellphone repairs include having to unlock a smartphone. Sometimes, people will forget their code, or the security protocols aren’t working.

Look at getting your phone repaired by a professional if this happens. Check out Bulldog Mobile Repair.

Connectivity Problem

Sometimes, your phone might need to get repaired because there’s a problem with the network signal.

The receiver might be damaged or faulty. You might need to replace the receiver. A lot of problems happen after the receiver becomes disconnected.

You’ll experience issues with the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or LAN connectivity to the web.

Problems With Audio Output

Some people have to address a broken or faulty ringer, loudspeaker, microphone, or sound system.

There are times when the headphone socket gets disconnected or damaged. Your SD card content might not have audio anymore.

If the volume control buttons get damaged, lost, or disconnected, you’ll need to get a replacement.

Charging Port Isn’t Working

Another common problem is a broken charging port. This is a part of your phone that gets used many times a day.

Your phone will experience a ton of wear and tear. If the charging port isn’t working, you’ll need to get it repaired.

Your System Crashed

Crashed systems tend to be expected with cell phones. A lot of people will use their smartphones as secondary computers.

They use their cellphone to access their email, the internet, or to download content.

Your system will get overwhelmed and could crash fast. A virus or a motherboard problem could impact your phone. You may need to overhaul your phone.

Replace the Buttons

Another typical issue is that people need to replace the button on their phones.

Power buttons and home buttons tend to be the ones that need to get repaired or replaced. Power buttons and home keys get used often.

Fix the Headphone Jack

Headphone jacks are on older devices. Like a physical connector, a headphone jack will undergo a lot of wear and tear if you use it often. Over time, you might hear crackling, hissing, or cut-outs with audio.

Headphone jacks get soldered to the motherboard. To replace the jack, the broken one will need to get desoldered off the motherboard. A new headphone jack will need to get soldered in that spot.

Fixing a broken headphone jack on an older phone should get done by a skilled repair technician. The cost will vary to fix a broken headphone jack, but it doesn’t tend to be cheap.

Now You Know More About Cell Phone Repair

We hope this guide on cell phone repair was helpful. Make sure you bring your phone to a reputable cell phone technician. You might experience a broken screen, power button, or issues with the audio output.

Are you looking for more helpful tech tips? Check out our resources on technology and electronics.

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