Cost-Effective Means to Make International Phone Calls

By Ankit
May 2, 2022

When we talk of business across borders, the most significant factor which needs much attention is hassle-free and clear lines of communication. Of course, today there are multiple means of international communication that can solve the purpose. But what you need as a business professional is a timesaving, direct calling, customer-centric, and professionally proficient set up with an international country-specific phone number.

So, for this purpose, nothing can be better than a virtual phone system or VoIP. A virtual office business phone system is equipped with all features needed for making and maintaining international calls. It is beneficial, as it is in sync with today’s virtual work culture. No one needs to glue himself to his desk to attend calls anymore. Nor does he require making any wire fittings for setting up a VoIP. A simple cloud-based international calling setup is all you need. 

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Wondering How You Can Make Calls with VoIP!

VoIP or voice-over-internet protocol is a tech-driven digitally profound communication channel. Professionals consider it to be the fuel that can keep the engine of their globalized business running. All you need is a non-interruptive internet presence. This affordable and feature enriched international calling system adds magic to your audio signals by converting them into digital data that can make its way across oceans with efficacy and efficiency. 

  • First, select your business phone system provider. 
  • Second, choose a business phone number. For example: Get a best Canada virtual number
  • Third, get handy with your internet and digital devices like phone, laptop, tab, or computer.
  • Set up department-wise extensions or employee extensions besides the central business phone number.
  • Select the features which are needed by your organization.
  • All done! You are now ready to make and receive international calls to scale up your business.

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Points to be Considered While Choosing an International Calling System.

Owing to the level of globalization, one can easily get confused with the multiple international calling systems trending in the market. Every VoIP is unique in its own space. So you need to act wise and choose the best, after comparing them on the following parameters:


The chosen service provider should be flexible enough to accommodate the additional lines and technologies. Also, how cost-effective will it be to add on features with the passage of growth, rather than taking a full-fledged feature-equipped package from scratch?


You need to compare the available service providers based on pricing, which is studied keeping in view the following pointer:

  • How many phones will be needed?
  • The prospective number of new phone additions over the next few years.
  • Business expansion plans.
  • The number of employees who telecommunicate.
  • Repair cost, lease agreement cost, and service contracts of the current system.


You need to identify the routine functions of your organization and then map the features that are used more significantly within your firm. Thereafter make the list of features that are mandatory for your firm and those which are just an add-on and hence can be avoided, considering the prices of various VoIP providers

Business Culture

You need to communicate the culture of your organization to your prospective service provider. Both of you should stand on the same line while delivering the quality of service and meeting the expectations of your clients. 

How Your Clients and Customers Connect with You

The choice of VoIP provider also depends on your preferences related to clients. 


  • You may wish to prioritize the calls of few clients over others.
  • You would like to hear the client dial by name or department directory.
  • You would like to instantly reroute the incoming calls from specific clients even when the office is closed or employees are unavailable.

Overall, the new business phone system should add value to your internal as well as external communication carriers.

Your Internet Connectivity and Digital Device

It’s a routine to observe and experience technologically advanced internet services and digital devices on a routine basis. Opt for the service provider which is consultative and at par with your digital equipment. Choose a business telephone provider which can help you scale your system as your business grows and expands.

Customer Service

You as a business firm can deliver good quality customer service to your clients only when you have access to quality service from your VoIP service provider. So do verify if the customer service hours for 24*7 support or the ways to reach the customer feedback team at any time of the day or night, without any hassle.


With the passage of time and technological advancement, your business is sure to see the rise. So, you should have a clear understanding of the cost involved when adding more features or increasing the services from VoIP providers with the increase in the number of employees. 

Value Perspective

Apart from the cost-benefit, one needs to identify the added benefits which the new VoIP system will bring to the employees and the organization as a whole. 

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International Calling App – An Additional Means for Global Calling

Are you a frequent international traveler? If yes, this read is for you. 

There is no need to spend those hard-earned dollars on international calls when you can wipe out the charges by opting for CallHippo Virtual phone calling app. This voice calling app allows you to receive and make calls while moving. All you need is internet connectivity and a digital device. Check out these power-packed features of the international calling app, to comprehend its benefits in a better way. 

  • Power dialer
  • Smart switch
  • Global connect
  • Smart call forwarding
  • Call transfer
  • Call conference
  • Call queuing
  • Call barging
  • Call recording
  • Voice mail
  • On hold music
  • Call analytics to track phone call performance

Apart from the above-mentioned attributes, the four prime benefits which you can enjoy with an international phone calling app are:

  • You can make your one single mobile device act as a personal and professional phone exclusively. If you make an official call from your mobile, the number displayed to colleagues will be different from what appears to your family and friends, while you make a personal call.
  • You can have access to multiple features like call forwarding, on-hold music, IVR, and more on international calls, without paying anything extra.
  • No extra expense on any physical setup. Your very own mobile phone, tablet, or laptop can support this virtual calling app for international calls.
  • This VoIP calling app gives a completely new and professionally profound identity to your business profile.

Now that you are well aware of the cost-effective means of making international calls and also how to select your best service provider, it’s time you share your choice with us. 

Let’s talk!

What are the expected benefits at your end w.r.t international calling system, and have you ever opted for any international calling system before? If yes, why are you making the switch?

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