How Much Do Plantation Shutters Cost, And How Do They Pay Off?

December 8, 2022

Plantation shutters are used in many homes across America. These types of window treatments, consisting of tilted wooden louvers, were introduced by the Spanish in the southern states. However, they’ve become so popular that nearly every neighborhood has at least one house sporting such shutters. If you’re a fan of these window treatments, Arizona Window Shutters has different styles in stock to suit your windows.

If you’re looking for window treatments that can make a decor statement, plantation shutters are ideal. Much like other wooden features like crown molding, plantation shutters play a key role in enhancing your home’s curb appeal. With a few of them installed at your windows, your house can get an instant upscale look. Given all these advantages, you may be wondering how much plantation shutters cost.

Cost of Plantation Windows

Of the several types of window treatments available, plantation shutters aren’t the cheapest. However, whatever amount of money you spend on their installation is usually worth it, given all the benefits to your house.

For an average-sized house of about 1,500 square feet, homeowners spend nearly $3000 for installing bespoke plantation shutters. For standard, prefabricated ones from your local convenience store, they can go for as little as $150.

Just like with other types of home features, several factors will determine how much you pay for plantation shutters. The type of material used and the size of the plantation shutters required will dictate how much you pay. While wood is the most common material used for plantation shutters, it is also expensive. Those made of other materials like vinyl or composite are less expensive while offering durability and resistance to elements like humidity. However, many homeowners prefer wooden plantation shutters because of their elegance. As such, they don’t mind paying extra for this luxury. 

Size is also a crucial factor; the larger the dimensions of the plantation shutters required, the higher the cost.

Some homeowners would prefer custom-made plantation shutters. In such cases, it’s better to work with a professional or a specialty store. The average cost of such customized work can go as high as $45 per square foot. In such instances, expect to pay between $200 and $350 per window for wooden plantation shutters. Composite ones cost a little less, at about $80 to $200 per window.

Benefits of Plantation Windows

Given the costs involved, you might wonder whether it is worth it. After all, curtains can provide several of the same benefits as plantation shutters. It helps to think of these shutters as an investment that’ll pay off in the long run.

The following are the benefits of installing plantation shutters:

Energy Conservation

One of the major reasons people opt for plantation shutters is because they’re effective at temperature control. With their sturdy, wide louvers, plantation shutters can prevent outdoor elements from getting indoors. In hot regions, sunlight and heat are the most common issues. These shutters help to control indoor temperatures by keeping out unwanted heat and sunlight. For plantation shutters installed on bedroom windows, this is a big plus because excessive heat and sunlight can make sleep difficult and uncomfortable. These shutters also help to keep out the excessive cold during the winter season. By enabling better indoor temperature control, plantation shutters help to keep HVAC-related costs down.


Privacy is also one of the main reasons why people go for plantation shutters. Using their tilt bars, you can adjust the angle of the shutters accordingly. This enables a good view of what’s outside while blocking it from the outdoors. You can also shut them all the way down for complete privacy.


Of all the types of window treatments available, plantation shutters are probably the most durable. This is especially the case for those made of wood, composite, or vinyl. While window blinds are similar to shutters in functionality, they are less sturdy, meaning a greater likelihood of damage due to everyday handling. You can have customized louvers for your plantation shutters. These can be as wide as 5 inches instead of the standard 2- or 3-inch ones. With more thickness comes greater width. A good width is essential not only for durability but also for better energy conservation properties.

Should I Install My Window Shutters Myself?

Installation of plantation shutters requires someone handy with drills and anchor bolts. This is in addition to knowing window shutter dimensions and other necessary details. Unless you have experience with such matters, it is best to call a professional to handle all your plantation shutter installations. While it may cost you a few hundred dollars, it will be worth it as you reap the long-term benefits associated with their installation. 

All in all, plantation shutters are a huge draw for potential home buyers. Thus, installing the right ones can make a huge difference later on when you choose to sell your home.

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