Crunchyroll Not Working on Chrome? Here are 7 Fixes

March 9, 2023

“Crunchyroll isn’t compatible with your Chrome browser extension” must be an issue you might be facing while watching your favorite collection of anime or manga. It is easier to get caught up in problems while accessing Crunchyroll through web browsers like chrome.

Let’s fix this issue easily with some easy chrome settings and resume our favorite episodes or seasons. Without any further ado, let’s jump to the solutions.

Reason Behind Crunchyroll Not Working on Chrome

“Crunchyroll beta not working” has various speculated reasons behind it. You will face this problem most probably through the internet browser, specifically Chrome, as other browsers have not come across the same issue. You might not go through the same if a phone or TV is used for streaming. 

Some of the speculated reasons for Crunchyroll not working on chrome are as follows.

  • Bad internet connection
  • Extension Incompatibility
  • Huge stored cache
  • Unupdated Google Chrome
  • Pop-up redirect or due to Ads
  • Harmful programs at your computer system

Ways to Fix Crunchyroll Streaming Issue on Google Chrome

Crunchyroll is a streaming service that ends up providing one of the best popular content and a huge selection of anime. The minor technical glitch of “Crunchyroll showing a black screen” disrupts the mood of the viewers, and this needs to be fixed. Here are 7 reasons and the combating settings to fix the issue of “Crunchyroll beta not working”.

  1. Cache Interfering Program

Sometimes, it’s highly difficult for a program to run when the cache gets accumulated. It is nothing but some amount of data that the browser stores while we open any application or search for anything on the internet. 

“Crunchyroll doesn’t work on chrome” can be solved easily by removing the cache from our system, which can be done by

  • On the top right corner of your Google chrome, you will find three dots. Click them.
Three dots
  • Choose Settings among various options.
Settings option on Chrom
  • Now click on privacy and security.
privacy and security
  • At last, choose clear browser data after clicking on the boxes.
choose clear browser data
  1. Disagreeing Extensions

Extensions are believed to cause the “Crunchyroll not working on chrome” fuss as Crunchyroll doesn’t support a huge number of extensions at last, causing a black screen on users streaming devices. The way to solve this is by turning the extensions OFF while watching our anime season. The settings include

  • Click on the three dots present on the top-right corner of your chrome page.
Three dots
  • Tap on settings.
Chrome Setting
  • Go to the extensions option.
  • Turn all the extensions off as shown in the supporting image below.
extensions off

The fix is pretty easy if extensions were creating the issue. After turning OFF all the extensions, refresh your page again. You will be back on your streaming page.

  1. Try a Different Web Browser

This is another solution to fix if your Crunchyroll won’t load on chrome. Try shifting your streaming to another web browser. If your access to another browser works, the error is around the browser mostly. You can register your technical issue on the “submit your request” page of Crunchyroll.

  1. Pop-up Interference

Chrome’s pop-up blocker might be interfering with the streaming feature of your Crunchyroll. Chrome directly blocks the pop-up and you can fix the Crunchyroll chrome issue by allowing the pop-up to appear. Here is the way to do it

  • Move to the settings of your chrome page.
Settings tab
  • Choose privacy and security.
  • Click on site settings.
  • Choose pop-up and redirects.
pop up and redirects
  • Allow Crunchyroll to send pop redirects.
  • At last, refresh your anime streaming page again on chrome.

The program will start working completely if the hindrance earlier was created due to a pop-up blocker error.

  1. Update Outdated Chrome Browser

Updating chrome with the latest version is essential as an outdated chrome browser won’t help in the functioning of your favorite manga episode or anime season. Crunchyroll updated features won’t get supported if you don’t update your chrome to the earliest. The steps to update it are as follows

  • Launch the new tab and open chrome.
  • On the top right corner of your chrome, you will find a three-dot button. Tap on it.
Three dots
  • Select Help and then Google chrome.
Help option in chrome settings
  • Let your Google chrome go for updates. If updates are still available then tap on the update menu.
Google chrome go for updates
  •  A message will be displayed once you are done with all the updates. Move back to your streaming screen and refresh the page again.
  1. Watch Your Internet Connection

A weak internet connection can be one of the obvious reasons behind your “Crunchyroll won’t load on chrome”. To fix this, first,

  • Turn OFF your router and modem.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes.
  • Turn ON your router and modem.
  • Once you get the router signals, refresh your page.
  1. Remove Harmful Programs

The functioning of some harmful programs might affect Crunchyroll’s effective functioning, all you can do to fix the problem is by removing those harmful programs.

  • Launch Google chrome.
  • In the top right corner, you will find the three dots. Tap it.
Three dots
  • Click on settings
  • You will find the reset and clean-up options among the various options present on the left of the chrome page.
  • Tap on the clean-up computer option.
  • On the next page, tap on Find and allow chrome to find harmful software on your computer.
  • Once the harmful programs are detected, remove the harmful program. 
  • Reboot the PC and again open the streaming to find out if it’s working effectively or not.

Closing Thoughts

We came across various settings and instructions to solve the “Chrome doesn’t work on chrome” query. In the article, we have tried to solve only Google chrome related issues because other browsers have not given any hindrances yet in the programming of Crunchyroll streaming. 


Ans: Yes, Crunchyroll issues might be due to your chrome settings as we have discussed in the above article. If still there are problems while watching, it might be a case that Crunchyroll itself is facing issues.

Ans: Yes, it is possible to watch it on other browsers and you won’t meet the same hindrance on them.

Ans: This indicates that you are going through some problem with chrome and there is a requirement to fix it. 

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