Is it Dangerous to be a Criminal Lawyer?

March 4, 2022

No matter how heinous a crime an individual has committed, they maintain the right to quality legal representation. Criminal defense lawyers are charged with this responsibility. They specialize in representing and defending organizations and individuals charged with criminal activity. Unfortunately, most people chastise them for representing and defending society’s villains.

Due to their area of specialization, criminal lawyers are generally exposed to some level of danger. As a result of these dangers, a popular criminal law lawyer may have to employ bodyguards for their personal protection. 

What is Criminal Law?

Criminal law aims to punish and deter conducts that are perceived as harmful, endangering, and threatening to the public, its moral welfare, and property.

It is usually created as a result of the government leaders taking steps to ban certain actions. Some of the actions banned by criminal laws globally include murder, property damage, sexual assault, motor offenses, and theft. The law also covers extradition and international relations, terrorism, and money laundering.

Most criminal laws are put in place to help people understand the consequences of their actions. They also make provisions for the rehabilitation and punishment of people who violate laws.

Duties of a Criminal Lawyer

Case Assessment 

One of the important duties of a criminal lawyer is the proper assessment of the case at hand. A criminal lawyer is expected to assess all aspects of each case handled. In some instances, it may be quite clear to everyone that the defendant is at fault. When this happens, the lawyer still needs to handle the situation strategically and devise ways to help them win or get lenient sentencing.

Information Gathering

The best criminal lawyer must collect as much information as possible on the case being handled. Oftentimes, it is advised that the lawyer visits the crime scene to get first-hand knowledge of the important information that can help solve the case. Information gathering includes interviewing witnesses to get a well-detailed description of what transpired.

Updating Client on the Case Progress

Depending on the nature of a case, a criminal lawyer is expected to visit the court at some point. When the need to appear in court arises, the lawyer must always be ready. They must also ensure to carry the client along as the case progresses.

Must Be Well-Grounded in Criminal Law

A criminal lawyer must be well grounded in relevant laws and appeals needed to defend their clients. They must also have detailed knowledge of people’s rights and emphasize them. The lawyer will use their expertise in favor of the client.

Detailed Analysis

A criminal lawyer must possess the ability to analyze cases critically. The attorney should be able to detect loopholes in the prosecution’s cases and use them effectively. The lawyer may be able to use these loopholes to get charges of his client dismissed or reduced. 

Stress Handling

A criminal lawyer’s work can be demanding. They should be able to manage the workload attached to a particular case. This can be in the form of urgent and unexpected calls or impromptu meetings. A lawyer must be at the top of their game in handling stress. 

Criteria to Become a Criminal Lawyer?

  • A degree in a related field.
  • A Juris Doctorate from an American Bar Association Accredited Law School.
  • An attorney’s license.
  • For a fresh law graduate, experience in criminal law is advised. This can be in internships, volunteer positions, or part-time jobs with public defenders or criminal prosecutors.
  • Compliance with local, state, and federal laws.
  • Outstanding verbal, written, communication, critical thinking, and research skills.
  • Outstanding decision and problem-solving skills.
  • Teamwork and autonomous skills.
  • Periodic traveling may be involved.

Dangers a Criminal Lawyer Can Be Exposed to

Most criminals will do anything to escape justice. This includes threatening the prosecutors or the judge. Several reports of a judge’s family getting kidnapped to force the judge to pass a favorable judgment have emerged. Likewise, there have been situations where criminal lawyers and their families had to be taken into a safe house due to threats to their safety. 

As a criminal lawyer, you may also be exposed to blackmail. So, if you’ve done something in your past that can lead to you getting blackmailed, other parties could use it against you.  

Now that you know what it entails to be a criminal lawyer and the dangers associated with it, you can decide if this line of work is right for you. Good luck!

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