Benefits of SASE for Legal Firms in the Cloud Era

May 22, 2023

In the fast-paced world of law, firms need to be able to respond quickly to client demands. This requires reliable collaboration tools and systems that can be accessed remotely.

SASE addresses these challenges with centralized network management and consistent policy application. Megaport offers an optimized SASE architecture through a single-pass cloud engine, providing a powerful overlay to deliver low-latency service at the edge.


There are several benefits of SASE for law firms, including cost-effectiveness. The pay-as-you-go approach helps insulate firms from paying for technology they don’t need and ensures that the system always works at its best. It also means that firms can scale up or down as their needs change. This makes SASE much more affordable than traditional on-premises software and hardware solutions.

SASE systems like the one offered by Versa Networks can provide law firms additional protection and flexibility while lowering expenses. By offering a unified service, SASE can reduce the complexity of network management and lower the risk of security breaches. It can also improve performance by delivering traffic with the lowest latency and the most direct path. This can be achieved by combining network optimization, security inspection, and enforcement with rich context from a cloud-based analytics engine.

Some providers may have a long history of selling legacy networking and security hardware, and their SASE offerings could need more features for a fully integrated solution. They may also be slow to introduce a global footprint, which is necessary for providing low-latency services at enterprise edges.

By integrating FWaaS with SASE, enterprises can manage their security policies consistently across their networks. They can also spot threats or anomalies that aren’t apparent in siloed systems. Furthermore, CASBs can be accessed through the same portal employees access corporate systems and apps.


SASE delivers many benefits, including reducing costs and IT complexity, securing remote and mobile users, delivering a seamless user experience, and ensuring consistent policy enforcement. However, legal firms must be careful when selecting SASE solutions. A solution must include a network security component to fully leverage SASE’s full potential. Additionally, choosing a solution that integrates with an existing SD-WAN architecture can simplify deployment and reduce the need for hardware at enterprise edges.

Another key feature of SASE is scalability. The best solutions offer a flexible per-user pricing subscription, eliminating upfront costs and allowing organizations to scale up or down depending on current demand. Ideally, the SASE cloud service will also support a multitenancy model. This will enable multiple customers to share the same underlying infrastructure, resulting in higher scalability than a single-tenancy approach.

The up-front investment in web applications varies significantly by software type, complexity, and support requirements. For example, a firm using a law practice management system that requires integration with existing bespoke software or third-party systems may have significant investments in data migration, customization, and training. The investment is usually much lower for a smaller firm and can be spread out over time.

SASE can be a powerful tool for law firms in the cloud era. The technology allows firms to innovate quickly and collaborate more effectively while enabling them to meet strict security requirements. However, choosing a solution supporting all business aspects is important. Otherwise, it could create security gaps or introduce new risks.


Many legal product vendors have moved to cloud-based solutions. These products can help mid-sized firms save money and increase productivity. They also enable attorneys to collaborate with their clients on a global scale. However, many attorneys still have concerns about data security and privacy.

One solution to these concerns is to adopt SASE for law firms. SASE is a cloud-based network security service that reduces complexity and costs for IT teams. It is designed to integrate with existing SD-WAN systems or replace them. It improves network performance and provides a consistent experience for users worldwide. SASE offers a single-pass traffic processing engine that applies network optimizations, security inspection, and policy enforcement in rich context to each edge site and mobile device connection. It also delivers encrypted connections over the most direct path to minimize latency.

Tight integration of networking and security functions simplifies management. SASE provides a flexible network architecture that can be configured for networking and security services based on context, including identity, location, time of day, and risk/trust posture of the connecting device or application. It also provides protection extended to public Wi-Fi through tunneling to the nearest point of presence (PoP).

The flexibility of SASE allows IT staff to shift their focus from tactical tasks to strategic projects. It can also help them save money and resources by consolidating vendor relationships for a more cost-effective IT service package.


Legal professionals are no longer confined to the office; many works remotely from home, in the courtroom, or even at cafes. This increased mobility makes it critical for law firms to have a secure network infrastructure that ensures immediate and uninterrupted access to their work, regardless of location. SASE provides advanced security measures to protect against cyber attacks that can disrupt operations and compromise confidential client information.

A centralized SASE platform also reduces operational costs by shifting up-front capital expenses to monthly subscription fees and reducing the number of physical appliances and software agents IT must manage. In addition, SASE delivered as a service enables a simplified network architecture that eliminates the need for costly hardware and infrastructure upgrades.

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