Throw Out Those Items to Declutter Your Bathroom

February 9, 2022

You may not realize, but a large number of humans are instinctive hoarders. It sets a sense of fear of missing out if you don’t have something, regardless of how necessary that item is or isn’t. Don’t you believe this? Let’s look around your house for a second. Or, you can check your bathroom. Does it look cluttered and messy? If you blame it on the size of your bathroom, you should realize that even small areas look neat and stylish without compromising on the essentials or large rooms unsightly with things overflowing in every corner. 

The problem usually starts when you go on adding stuff. You renovate your space and take pride in its brightly lit walls, eclectic décor, and everything else. You also invest in high-quality faucets for sinks to ensure optimum functionality and charm in the small square footage. You tend to be careful about not stuffing this newly revamped area for the initial four to five months. But as time flies, you stop caring about this. You begin to take every nook and cranny for granted. However, if you continue to pay the same amount of respect and attention to your remodeling of bathroom even, later on, you can avoid such situations. 

Nevertheless, it is never too late to do something good. If you have been feeling overwhelmed lately because of the crowded look of your bathroom, it is likely the right time to take up decluttering project. Get rid of the things that you hope to use one day, but not sure when. The chances are pretty slim that you will need something you didn’t use for long. Still, you can divide this task into four categories – store, trash, donate, and shift elsewhere. It will help you achieve your goal faster as you set about doing this. Here are some more insights in this regard.


Although bathroom cabinets can be the typical choice, many argue that fluctuating temperature and steam released from bath and showers are not ideal for this type of storage requirement. Still, if you don’t want to change its place, focus on discarding products that have reached expiry dates or don’t serve your needs anymore. You can throw them in the garbage or hand them over to a local pharmacy for proper disposal. Also, you can move your medicines to kitchen cabinets if you wish. It will be a lot safer. You should only keep the medication you need though to keep the clutter to a minimum. Express Pharmacy Online can deliver medication to you quickly.


At the time of facelifting, people enjoy decorating every single nook with something, such as artwork, storage bins, etc. You have to analyze whether these are adding to the beauty or marring it. Anything extra that no longer serves your purpose needs to get tossed away. Please donate the ones in good condition. You need to realize that items with practical and aesthetic characters sum up your bathroom design more efficiently. Hence, it’s important to recognize this.

Counter Area

It is one of the premium parts of the bathroom. But it is a natural tendency to store too many items there out of comfort. You don’t notice this until you start to struggle to find the most needed daily-use product. Or, things begin to tumble over the sink when trying to lift that small moisturizer bottle. The best way to reduce clutter from here is to figure out what you use every day and what you don’t. You can stash away the rest in a drawer without even a second thought. 


Because you wash your face and hands frequently apart from taking a full bath, it is natural to maintain a stock of this essential item. But it will be best if you keep a check on them. Remove the tattered or overused ones to use them as rags if required. Or, you can also donate them to an animal shelter. Make sure those are donation-worthy. 


You don’t wear everything that you store. That’s why it pays to go through the entire collection and pull out the expired ones and those you never use. Only what you often wear or on some occasions deserve to stay behind. Rest can go to the garbage. In the same breath, you can examine your make-up brushes. Toss out the older ones with weak fibers. Also, you don’t usually need more than two or three of them. So, it can be wise to reduce the number. Please give them a gentle wash and dry before keeping them inside.

Beauty Appliances

Curlers, shavers, hairdryers, foot baths, and other devices will be there. Again, you can go through them to pick the ones that you don’t require. Do away with them. Even things you didn’t use in the last six months don’t have to stay.  For example, you can be reluctant to let go of your foot bath as you use it once a year. But don’t you feel cluttering your space for something you rarely use is not justifiable, especially when you can get your pedicure outside? 

Anything in excess or not used for long is compromising your space. It also becomes a source of stress and tension as you would have to clean and organize everything back whenever you do spring cleaning. 

Does this sound too much? Decluttering tends to be one of the most satisfying experiences you can vouch for only after achieving it. It not only tidies up your room but also elevates mental peace. Some even believe that clutter creates energy blocks. It signals pent-up emotions. Although it is debatable, you cannot deny the stress you feel most of the time when you look at the overflowing corners and nooks. For this simple reason, it can be worth it to attempt. By the way, if you didn’t consider this, a well-organized bathroom would not lose its appeal even without touchups for a long time. 

You may wonder how much time a decent decluttering work would take up. If you go by experts, it doesn’t have to take more than 30 minutes. That means you can go over your week’s schedule and find a time slot where you can achieve this goal.

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