How to Decorate Your Bedroom: 5 Tips

February 9, 2022

Wondering how to make your bedroom a safe and beautiful haven?

Or maybe you just want to make a few changes to your now dull bedroom.

Whatever the reason for choosing to give your space a new look, we’ve got the perfect tips for you.

From using modern Boho room décor to give your bedroom a colorful personalized look to the importance of choosing soothing wall hues for your bedroom, here are tips that are bound to give your space some new life.

1. Go for Soothing Wall Colors

The wall colors of your bedroom can make or break its look.

Instead of opting for bold primary wall colors, choose something more restful such as light blue, green, or lavender hues. You can also select jewel-toned colors such as Emerald, Ruby, or Sapphire. Such colors are inviting, and they encourage comfort, coziness, and sleep.

White is also another perfect wall color for bedrooms as it’s calm, clean, and serene. A white wall also gives you the flexibility to play with other colors when it comes to your décor.

If you must paint your bedroom a bold color, ensure you select light shades of such colors to avoid an unfriendly mood.

2. Boho Décor in Your Bedroom

A modern Bohemian look will look great on a backdrop of a white bedroom wall, especially if your room has lots of natural light.

To create the perfect Boho look, use natural materials such as wood for your bedroom furniture. For instance, an antique or vintage wooden or brass bed will look very Boho. You can use pallets for your bed and complete the look with a ruched duvet cover or a tasseled quilt or throw if you’re on a budget.

Other Boho decorating ideas that will make your bedroom have that cozy bohemian feeling include:

  • Add jute, Persian or Moroccan rug
  • Add runners on either side of the bed
  • Go for handmade wall hangings that have weight and dimension
  • Add mirrors with a beautiful ornate frame on your wall
  • Add plants in your bedroom

3. Think About Your Lighting

Your lighting accounts for half of your bedroom’s feel and décor, which is why it’s essential to get it right.

A large bedroom will require several sources of light to create various light moods. If you have a small bedroom, a mounted light will be more ideal than a floor or table lamp as the latter will only take up more space. You can also hang your lampshades at different heights or put several lights in different spots to make a small bedroom feel bigger.

Moreover, when choosing the light fixture, consider the décor in your bedroom and the mood you want to set. For instance, a working table in your bedroom would require a brighter light than a dresser next to your bed.

A central beautiful light fixture such as a pendant above your bed will make a statement. While having lamps that have unique design accents will enhance the look of your space.

4. Choose the Right Furniture

The furniture in your bedroom should be well-fitting.

Furniture that is too big will take up too much space and clutter the room.  On the other hand, small furniture in a spacious bedroom will look out of place. If you have a large, heavy bed, don’t go for a tiny dresser. A mirrored dresser will look good in a tight space, and furniture with delicate frames also makes a small bedroom feel roomier and brighter.

The arrangement of your furniture should also be done right to ensure enough space for the traffic.

5. De-Clutter with Plenty of Storage

If you have lots of clothes or books that make your space look cluttered, store them away.

A room that has things stored out of sight appears neat and inviting.

If you have a small bedroom, buy a bed with a storage bench at the foot or one with a shelved headboard to store personal accessories.

Have an extra cabinet just in case you need some additional storage space or you can use shallow boxes to keep your bedroom neat and clutter-free.

In closing, your bedroom should have a calm, inviting ambiance. The above five-bedroom decorating tips will help ensure you have a beautiful space that you can use to refresh and relax.

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