How to Design Custom Embroidered Hats

February 9, 2022

Have you ever stumbled upon a fantastic design on a hat and wonder, “How did they pull that off”? You don’t need to wonder anymore; the answer is by using custom embroidered hats. For the past couple of years, embroidery has been a standard mode of decoration used by many people. In the past, the embroidery process was complicated and time-consuming since the stitches would be sewn by hand.

Things have now become much easier since the introduction of computers in the embroidery industry. Computerized embroidery machines have been the game-changers. All you should do is upload your design, and the machine will do the rest for you. It is time for you to design those custom caps that you have always dreamt of. Read on to find out how to develop that custom embroidered hat successfully.

1. Generate Your Design

While designing custom merchandise, ensure you have come up with a unique logo or slogan to be used on it. Once you’ve got this covered, copy the design or logo you will use on your customized embroidery cap digitally. If you are designing for an organization, you can use the company’s logo instead. While still focusing on the design, you should consider how many colors you will use on your cap. You also need to check how many needles the embroidery machine you are using can handle.

2. Save Your Custom Logo or Design

Once you mock up your slogan or logo digitally, save that file in your machine’s embroidery software; also, ensure the device you are using can read the format of that file. There are different types of file formats used by various embroidery machines. The common ones include; the Data Stitch Tajima (DST) format, the Physics Editor Sheet (PES) format, the EXP format, the PMV format, the PSV format, and many more. Different embroidery machines read different kinds of files. For example, a Tajima machine reads files in the DST format; the Barudan reads DSB files; Singer reads XXX file formats, while Babylock and Brother read PES and PEC files. 

3. Transfer File to the Embroidery Machine

There are several means under which you can transfer a file into the machine. You can directly share it from the computer where the software is running, through a flashcard, or even a USB cable. 

4. Teach the Embroidery Machine about the Design Elements

An embroidery machine and a robot are two different kinds of machinery that also operate differently. A robot is more advanced, which means teaching it will sound counterintuitive. On the other hand, an embroidery machine will require to be instructed to become operational. The threads will only begin to move once appropriately trained.

You must select the proper lines, needles, and alignment within the software of the machine. Each needle in the device is threaded with different thread colors and numbered differently, too. All hands with different colors cannot all embroider at the same time. A sequence has to be scheduled before the embroidery begins. It will help ensure only one needle with one color runs at a time.

5. Line up Your Hat for Embroidery

Before the embroidery process commences, the hat should be stretched across the loops or frames of the embroidery machine and positioned into its arms. The only possible way to secure the cap into those frames is to extend and place it tightly. You should tightly secure it so that the frame is the part that moves during the sewing procedure, not the embroidery needles or heads. 

6. Begin the Stitching

Now, this is the last step during the customization process. It’s also the part where the fun lies. Once you have already set your cap, ensure that you have programmed the embroidery machine properly. Allow it to run until you confirm your embroidery design has been completed. Note that these machines can contain one to thirty-eight embroidery heads. Each head can also have up to fifteen needles. At this stage, you have to sit down and relax while the machines complete the rest of the work.Since you now know how custom embroidery works, it is now time for you to create awareness of your business or brand and show your talent through your designing prowess. At customized wear, we can help you customize your merchandise for fashion or commercial purposes. We can help you rock that custom printed trucker hat or any other kind of custom cap. For more information, Customized Wear.

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