What are the Duties of a Paralegal?

January 6, 2023

Could lawyers adequately do their jobs without paralegals?

The duties of a paralegal in a law firm are numerous. They support lawyers by performing behind-the-scenes tasks like client interviews, legal research, and gathering information pertinent to the case.

Law firms in the U.S. employ close to 300,000 paralegals with the majority found in New York City and Chicago.

Paralegals are an important part of today’s legal system. Keep reading to discover the complete list of paralegal duties.

Draft Legal Documents

This is a big one and a major part of the job. Paralegals draft documents like subpoenas, deposition notices, legal briefs, complaints, interrogatories, wills, real estate closing statements, appeals, and pretrial orders.

Corporate paralegal duties include helping the lawyers prepare contracts for new employees or contract renewals, stock-option plans, and shareholder agreements. Some have the job of monitoring and reviewing changes to government regulations.

An important part of the job is keeping the documents organized and maintained in a proper filing system whether it be paper or electronic.

Handle Meetings

Part of the paralegal job description includes meeting with clients, the attorneys on a case, and any other professionals involved with a case about the specific details pertaining to the current case.

They also locate, call on, and interview witnesses who will testify at a hearing or the court case.

Gather Information

Do you have any idea of the information gathering and research that goes into a legal case? An important part of a paralegal’s job is to gather facts and investigate the details of the case.

They search public records and use other resources to prepare cases and plan the best course of action for a case.

Legal Filings

It’s the paralegal’s job to get file pleadings with the court clerk. They also coordinate other law office activities like serving subpoenas to those involved in a case.

Administrative Duties

The law office depends on paralegals to perform administrative tasks on top of the other duties. As a paralegal, you may answer phone calls, file paperwork, make and monitor the attorneys’ schedules, and make travel arrangements for the attorneys.

Becoming a Paralegal

To become a paralegal, you can complete a certification program from an ABA-approved paralegal certification program of education and training. Another option is to get an associate’s degree in paralegal studies.

A candidate should have very good organizational skills as well as excellent communication skills.

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Paralegal Duties and Responsibilities

Now that you know all about paralegal duties and responsibilities, does it seem like a job for you? Research paralegal programs near you and consider volunteering in legal cases to get some experience and a taste for what it’s like to work as a paralegal.

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