4 Steps to Unlock PDF Files Without Paying A Professional

By Ankit
February 9, 2022

PDF files with passwords can be troublesome for most people. An average user may have difficulty finding options that will quickly remove the password from a protected PDF file. But with the help of PDFBEAR, this task will be a lot easier. Unlocking PDFs can be done with just a few clicks in under a minute with this tool. 

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Portable Document Format, also referred to as PDF, is a format created by Adobe that is widely used nowadays. A PDF file typically shows a formatted and page-oriented document. They may contain texts, images, and other media content, such as video and audio. Such documents may be heavily encrypted or not. This format cannot be easily edited, and it ensures that regardless of where the user opens the file, there will be no unclear characters. Therefore, people in various sectors are fond of using this format in storing and sharing their data. File encryption is also common nowadays. Many companies typically use PDF to store business data and often encrypt files to ensure security. In this way, the files will not be easily accessed, edited, copied, and stolen by unauthorized people. There are instances, however, that users have forgotten their passwords. 

The unlock pdf feature of PDFBear is very convenient. It can remove the passwords of locked PDF files. Accessing the document will be a lot easier once it is password-free. This allows you to view and edit the file anytime you want. This tool does not only aid you in unlocking PDFs, but it also protects your device from being infected with viruses and malware. There is no need to worry about the security problem of the process. PDFBEAR also ensures that every transaction is done in a secured environment. It assures you the privacy and confidentiality of your files. 

PDFBEAR is browser-based, works on all platforms, and can perform in various operating systems. The tool can do its job regardless if you are on a Windows, Linux, or Mac device. It can unlock PDF passwords quickly and easily; you only need to upload the file and wait for its process. Some documents, however, may be difficult to access. There are ones with challenging passwords and cannot be easily unlocked. Nonetheless, most files can still be assessed even with their encryption.

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