EMF in Light Therapy Devices

February 8, 2022

Electromagnetic fields are typically considered as the electrical charge in an area that is moving. These electromagnetic fields are a type of radiation, and it is completely invisible to our eyes. Even though we cannot actually see them, EMFs are all around us.

There have been talks about how EMF can be absorbed by someone through the use of light therapy devices and, to be frank, this is a discussion that is worth engaging in. In this particular write-up, we will introduce you to what EMFs basically are and also inform you about what route to take when you purchase a light therapy device. 

EMF: What does it consist of?

The first thing to realize is that EMFs are normally made out of both man-made materials and also by nature. If you want an example of natural EMF sources, you will not have to look very far. The two most common natural sources of EMF are thunderstorms and the sun. 

EMFs that are caused by people are found in almost any kind of electronic device imaginable. It literally means everything that runs on electricity. An important point to remember is that if electricity is flowing then there is bound to be EMFs being produced. 

This implies that EMFs are produced by many of the daily electronic devices that we use as well. This includes things like our cell phones, TVs, all sorts of household appliances, waves from radios, and many other devices. This is why it is also safe to say that light therapy devices also make EMFs

EMFs normally consist of both magnetic fields and also electrical fields. 

Electrical Fields — Electrical fields will exist any time there is the existence of either a positive charge, made by protons or if there is the existence of a negative charge (which can be produced by electrons). It is important to know that the electrical field will be there regardless of whether or not the device is on. So, just as an example, your cell phone that is turned off will also be producing electrical fields

Magnetic Fields — Magnetic fields are formed whenever any electronic device has been turned on. After it has been activated, these devices will produce a sort of electrical current that will flow. The stronger this current is, the more powerful the resulting charge will be. 

One particular thing that has to be mentioned here is that both the electrical and also magnetic fields need to be properly considered whenever we are assessing the EMF levels of anything or any place. 

Safety Precautions with Regards to EMF and Light Therapy Devices.

The very best types of light therapy devices will always emit zero EMF or something very close to zero. 

It has to be mentioned here that having an EMF level of zero is impossible. This is due to the fact that all types of electronic devices will produce EMFs. When you are exposed to a light therapy device, the way to mitigate this issue is to make sure that you are sitting a safe distance away from the light source. Another way to mitigate this depends on the power density that your chosen light therapy device has.

Therefore, although EMF levels can be higher right on the surface of the device, they will tend to be a lot lower if you are just a few inches away from the device. The EMFs that your body will compose will depend totally on the distance between you and the light therapy device. 

You will need to go through the manual of your particular device and refer to the page that talks about the “minimum usage distance.” This part of the manual will tell you exactly how far away from the device you ought to sit so that you can minimize the issue of EMFs as far as possible. 

Most device manufacturers will tell you to sit at a distance of about six inches when using their light therapy device. For some other types of light therapy devices like face masks and any other type that comes directly in contact with your body, the measurements need to be taken right at the surface of the light therapy device. 

To protect yourself from EMGs, you should also never sit any closer to the device than has been recommended by manufacturers. It is important to know that you will always be able to lower the amount of EMFs consumed by simply moving away from the device. However, you should be aware that as you do this, the treatment benefits of the device are also diminished. 

Safety Recommendations 

While it is always best to avoid exposing yourself to EMF, a lot of doctors and other scientists have been able to determine that some particular levels of exposure to EMF pose very little risk, if any at all. 

When we talk about Electrical Field Readings, the safest level is always 0 V/m. Levels considered very safe are those that are less than 1 V/m. Then there is the level that is less safe but will not cause any major effects at 1 to about 2 V/m. Dangerous levels are those that are 2 + V/m and this should be completely avoided. 

When it comes to Magnetic Field Readings, the safest level is once again 0 V/m, very safe levels are the ones that are less than 10 V/m. The next level is less safe but will not cause any major damage at around 10 – 50 V/m. The dangerous levels are anything greater than 50 V/m.

Make sure that when you are selecting a light therapy device that you can verify the EMF levels that the device emits.

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