Stockholm-Based Fishing App, Fishbrain Raises $31m in Funding

November 22, 2022

Is fishing your hobby? Do you want to plan an adventurous fishing trip?

Well! Fishbrain is a sport fishing app that is a perfect tool for planning and managing your next adventurous fishing trip. 

Fishbrain is the most popular and widely known fishing app and social networking site in Stockholm that connects millions of users through its wide social media network. 

The outstanding features of the Fishbrain app make it more helpful for beginners and expert anglers fishing.

Adrigo, an asset management company acquired by Fishbrain, makes it more advanced and enables anglers with the latest AI technology to get fish in bulk.

Want to know more about Fishbrain 12m 31m consensus Adrigo asset?

Without any further delay, let’s dive into it.

About Stockholm-Based Fishbrain App

The most popular sport fishing app, Fishbrain has recently achieved a huge amount of funding and has declared $31m funding from investors globally.

Fishbrain takes over Adrigo in order to strengthen its marketing and sales strategy in Sweden. It is a boon to the fishermen as it helps them in multiple ways.

Founded in 2016, Adrigo, acquired by Fisherbrain offers an app that enables fishermen to know the weather and tidal conditions of their area of fishing. 

With over 12 m users in Sweden, Fishbrain is an app that has more than 150 employees globally. It provides fishermen with updates about the upcoming tide in their coastal area. 

The Fishbrain app is available for both android as well as iOS devices for free on “The Google Play store” and ‘App Store”. The app is powered by integrating marine maps along with all the information needed for boating and fishing. It also helps in exploring and tracking the endangered species of wild animals and can capture population stats of them. 

With this app, you can share how much and how big fish you have caught with your social media friends. It enables users to understand the species of fish and the area where they can be available in bulk along with marine mapping and weather forecasting. That is the most vital part to know for the anglers for getting fish in bulk and boosting their business by getting more and more orders to deliver.


Initially, the team of the Fishbrain app started their business with around $2000, and with a unique idea for making fishing more favorable for anglers globally. But, now it has gained tremendous success and achieved about $31m funding led by consensus  Smabolag Fond and Adrigo Asset management along with the existing investors B capital group and Softbank Ventures Asia.

Stockholm-based App Fishbrain with 12m users Gained 31m Adrigo assets and touched a new height with the previous investors Accel, Creandum, and Northzone along with 20 more shareholders.

Let’s have a look at the resources for getting such huge funding. The two main investors are 

B Capital Group

Global venture capitalists B capital group has invested in leading healthcare, financing and startup companies that have a clear goal of achieving success and have the potential to grow in the market. The entrepreneurs who have a unique idea but lack funds, B Capital group always prefers those who are struggling for startups, if they find it has the potential to return more than invested.

As sport fishing has become a new trend and reached a new high in popularity, it has over $200 billion retail market globally while more than 47 million in the only USA B capital group prefer to invest in fishing harvesting through the app Fishbrain.

Adrigo Assets Management

The new investors are Consensus Smagbolagsfond and Adrigo asset management has invested $31m in Fishbrain Stockholm based 12m 31m adrigo asset that enables users with AI technology to provide more accurate and data-driven insights for the fishing condition to its users. 

An emerging digital fishing industry, Fishbrain integrated fishing innovation trends into an app and made it user-friendly to attract more users.

Details About Fishbrain

Date of Foundation2012
FoundersJens Lindman and Johan Attby
Legal NameFishbrain AB
Operating StatusActive
Funding TypeEquity Crowdfunding
Location Stolkholm, Sweden

Facts About of Fishbrain App

You must be aware of some most important facts about this amazing Fishbrain app. Here it is

  • Utilization of funding of $31m from Consensus Adrigo assets for Stolkholmbased app Fishbrain having 12 m users will be done for its further expansion.
  • The huge funding is led by Softbank Ventures Korea with other existing investors Northzone and Industrifonden.
  • The capital earned by funding may be utilized for the expansion of the Fishbrain app throughout Europe and in hiring more employees.
  • The funding will be utilized in boosting the mass of users which will, in turn, build its social media networking wider and millions of users will be familiar with this amazing sport fishing app Fishbrain.
  • It has around 5 million users active on social media which can help it for further expansion around the globe.
  • The funding achieved by the investors of Fishbrain will be utilized to strengthen the product marketing, app development, and sales team throughout the USA and Europe to boost the growth of the fishing business in Stockholm.

Key Features of Fishbrain App

Features of Fishbrain app

Let’s have a look at the key features of the Stockholm-based Fishbrain app with 12m users getting $31m by Adrigo and Softbank

  • Accurate Information About the Fishing Spot

It is quite difficult to find out the best place for fishing in any place without knowing about that area. The Fishbrain app helps you to locate the place in the sea where you can get maximum catches. 

By standing at the coast of the sea you can’t imagine the exact fishing spot in the water body. The Fishbrain app will help you to spot the most preferable fishing area to catch more. You can spot the exact fishing area with this app from where you can enjoy fishing safely and get more.

  • Most Interactive Map Of the Waterbody

The map given on the Fishbrain app is pretty helpful in locating the place where the waterbody is deep and where it is superficial. With the help of this well-versed and accurate map, you can explore the way where to go for fishing.

The color of the water shown in the map denotes the depth as well as the culmination of the water body. The app may help you to know about the insights, nature, and habitats of certain species of fish that can survive in the shallow area and certain species that may be in the depth of the water body.

  • Dense Fishing Area 

If you are out fishing, but have not reached the right location, what will happen? You will get returned without any fish or a few quantities of fish. You may get annoyed for consuming so much time while getting very few.

To overcome this issue you need to go for the Fishbrain app, which will help you in finding the dense fishing spot.

Now, it’s your choice what you are looking for. You can explore the dense fishing area near you according to your taste. Which species of fish can be obtained from which water body, or at what season you can get the maximum number of fish in less time? All that you need for fishing will get from one app is Fishbrain stolkholmbased31m adrigo asset softbank.

It may be the shallow surface of the sea as numerous species of fish can’t live in the depth of the ocean.  

  • Locate the Catch Location With the Way to Visit 
Catch locations

You love fishing and you have done it many times and pinned the area for the future, but it will be in vain if you have not remembered the exact location. Now what to do, if you wish to go fishing in that location that you pinned earlier?

But not to be worried, the Fishbrain app is there for you to assist you in finding your previous location accurately without any alterations. With over 13 million best catch locations you can discover more to fill your bag.

You can revisit that spot or leave it to go for a newer spot for fetching a lot of fish with the help of this amazing Stalkholm-based app Fishbrain with 12m users and achieved 31m funding.

  • Prediction of Weather

While planning for Fishing, you must be aware of the weather of that particular area where you wish to go or the nearest location where you are going. Bad weather means windy or stormy days or rainy days are not favorable weather conditions for fishing, resulting in low fish. That’s why weather prediction is more important to know while going fishing. 

A sparkling sunny day is the most favorable day for fishing. Hence, before visiting a particular place for fishing you should know the weather prediction for a whole day or at a specific time when you desire to go fishing.

On sunny days water bodies remain calm and fish may accumulate at a particular place but it is quite grueling to exactly locate a favorable fishing area for a  human being.

With the help of the fish brain app, you will be able to know which area will be sunny and where rain or storm is likely to occur. Hence, before moving for fishing, analyze the weather condition of the particular area where you wish to go.

Final Thoughts

Fishbrain is a commercial platform that provides full supporting tools, and insights along with fishing gear to enjoy fishing for fishermen or the person who loves fishing in their free time and has fun. It lets you know the perfect timing, and weather conditions according to your location. With this social media networking app, you can share the catches with your family and friends. Difficulties of fishing can be solved in one Stolkholm-based app Fishbrain which has gained $31m by consensus Adrigo assets

So, what are you looking for?  It is a go-to platform for every angler or person who loves fishing. If you love fishing we have given you enough information about the fishing app Fishbrain.

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