Top 5 Front-End Developer Courses with Guaranteed Jobs

December 5, 2022

A front-end developer is a professional who builds a web interface and software application with the help of various tools. The tools mostly involve multi-coding languages, programming elements, control systems, and machine learning with artificial intelligence. But, the basic framework includes HTML, CSS, and UI to build a web interface with any language like Java.

So, a course with a complete package of guidelines and web developmental processes is developed. It is a front-end development course. The courses solely focus on the methodology of web designing and development, related programming tools, and so on. You can learn the course from various online platforms like Udemy, Coursera, etc. The classes are short-term and last from weeks to months only. And note that these are the courses with guaranteed jobs.

Top Five Front-end Developer Courses

As said earlier, many front-end developer courses are available online for a minimum fee. The following article will discuss the top five basic and essential front-end development courses with absolute job guarantees.

  1. The complete front-end web development course
  2. Programming foundations with Javascript, HTML, and CSS
  3. The web developer Bootcamp 2022
  4. Front-end web development: get started by Joe Eames
  5. Front-end web development with react

The Complete Front-end Web Development Course

It is one of the best front-end development courses provided by Udemy. Many students enroll in the course and get a placement at top companies. In addition to the career prospects, the course objectives are highly supportive and knowledgeable. 

The course offers lectures for different programming languages like Java and other front-end developer technologies. It includes HTML, CSS, jQuery, and so on. For example, you can sequentially develop a simple web page first using HTML. Then move on to developing expanded javascript in chrome browsers.

Programming Foundations with Javascript, HTML, and CSS

Coursera offers this course from Duke University. Like any other Coursera course, you can learn for free but have to pay a fee for the certificate. Here you can learn front-end developing technologies and languages in detail. 

At the end of the course, you can build a web page using HTML and include paragraphs, images, videos, links, etc. Also, you can make an interface using CSS and UI frameworks. Moreover, there is a great career opportunity for this course from various companies.

The Web Developer Bootcamp 2022

It is one of the best courses offered by Udemy, focusing not only on the front end but also on the back end and other web development methodologies. You can learn HTML, CSS, Java, Node, and many other programming technologies with proper practical guidance. 

Furthermore, the teaching faculties are highly skilled and educated. More than 4 lakh students have completed this course so far. As a result, many people get placed under impactful companies and successfully run their careers. 

Front-end Web Development: Get Started by Joe Eames

To become a skilled web developer, you need to be well-educated in all the basic principles of front-end development. But the only drawback is that they change frequently. And the constant update is necessary. 

However, this course will assist you in learning all the basic principles, formulas, and algorithms you need. It is strongly recommended that beginners start their career with a clear view.

Front-end Web Development with React

Courses also provide it under regular obligations. However, the only difference is that this course uses a famous java library, the react library, instead of focusing on HTML, CSS, etc. 

The course also tries to develop a redux-react blending tool. Finally, each web developer must learn about the available libraries in the front-end system.


The above passage describes the top five front-end developer courses with final placement. Generally, the placement is based on which platform you learn and the worth of the course. But, in this case, almost all the front-end developer courses are highly rated in the business, and you have high opportunities from various directions. Therefore, try to understand the course objectives beforehand regarding career chances.

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