5 Fun Gift Exchange Games and Ideas for Holidays and Parties

May 31, 2022

Giving gifts is one of the most rewarding parts of holidays and parties. Yes, we’re all taught that it’s not about the presents, which is partially true. We shouldn’t appreciate holidays because we get new stuff. 

However, it’s important to recognize the magic and thoughtfulness behind gift-giving, rather than gift receiving. This is an integral part of the holidays that shouldn’t be overlooked or cast aside. 

Gift-giving can be even more meaningful with gift exchange games and free tickets. These add fun and excitement to something that’s already enjoyable.

If you want to ramp up your party or holidays, check out these fun tips on how to play gift exchange games.

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1. The White Elephant Gift Exchange

Most people have heard of the White Elephant gift exchange. In this popular game, each member coming to the party brings a wrapped gift.

Typically, there is a price limit on these gifts. Additionally, white elephant gift exchange games often call for unique and quirky gifts, though it’s not required.

The gifts are all piled in the center. One person at a time grabs and opens a gift. The next person in line can either grab a new gift from the center or steal an already-opened gift.

If someone’s gift is stolen, they choose another one from the pile. They cannot have a gift stolen twice. However, a gift can be stolen multiple times from people down the line.

2. Secret Santa 

Secret Santa is one of the most common Christmas gift exchange games. It’s a fun, but simple game where party members draw their gift recipient from a hat prior to the party. Traditionally, there is a price limit on the gifts. For example, if someone is a skating lover or likes to ride around on a scooter, you can easily select a price range on Skates.co.uk and buy them a perfect gift under your price limit.

Secret Santa allows people to get personalized, meaningful gifts for their recipients. After someone opens their gift, they try to guess who their Secret Santa was.

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3. Hot Potato 

One of the best gift exchange games is Hot Potato. In this game, the party guests all sit in a circle. Like in musical chairs, music is played to activate the game.

While the music is playing, one or more gifts make their way through the circle. Members hand the gift off as soon as they grab it.

When the music stops, the person holding the gift opens it and leaves the circle. This is also an easy option for a gift card exchange game. Ideally, all the gift cards should be in the same amount. 

4. Holiday-Specific Gift Exchanges

Some gift exchange games are based on the holiday or type of party. For example, Easter gift exchanges can include Easter egg hunts. Baby shower gift exchange games include things like guessing the gender, birth weight, day and time of delivery, etc.

If the party is for a Bat Mitzvah, do a little research to find the best Bat Mitzvah gift, which is usually money, stock investment, or something to do with the Jewish faith. 

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5. Whose Gift?

Finally, consider playing the Whose Gift game. This game can be incredibly fun and exciting, depending on the rules you implement.

In the Whose Gift game, party guests are randomly chosen to pick a gift from the pile. Upon opening the gift, they must guess who brought it.

If they guess right, they keep the gift and are done playing. If they guess wrong, they have to do something embarrassing, like singing or dancing in front of everyone. You can also put them on the spot for Truth or Dare, or Never Have I Ever.

Looking for More Gift Exchange Games and Other Lifestyle Ideas?

Gift exchange games can liven up any party, whether it’s for work, friends, or family. Just make sure everyone knows the rules and price limits to avoid unnecessary issues. 

And if you’re looking for more great lifestyle tips and ideas, check out the rest of our blog before you go. We have tons of articles designed to inspire, inform, and entertain.

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