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January 30, 2023

Gold Coast was named Kurrungul by the Aborigines (the native Australians) and is nothing less than an action movie set-like feel with its theme parks, casinos, and luxury hotels. Enjoy some of the most breathtaking views of this hinterland of Australia as visit the Skypoint Observation Deck. With around thirty beaches to choose from the best among them is Burleigh Beach a paradise for professional surfers whereas Coolangatta Beach is a family beach with balmy waters for a good swim. Meet and greet wombats, kangaroos, koalas, and dingoes at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary located in central Gold Coast. Dreamworld Gold Coast is hard to miss and is an impressive theme park to cuddle with koalas, have a personal meeting with tigers, or simply meet your favorite Dreamland characters from Madagascar or Shrek. Warner Bros Movie World is a movie world-based theme park with many attractions including the Justice League 3D where you are a team member of the famous superheroes team.Sea World Australia inhabitants have a variety of marine life polar bears, turtles, and penguins. Take a walk through the canopies of trees in the hinterland of Gold Coast. Last but not least, visit the Wet and Wild water park as you ride the Surfrider, the steel shuttle roller coaster at Oxenford Gold Coast.

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Skypoint Observation Deck

Located in the  Q1 building in Surfers Paradise are the SkyPoint Observation Deck which displays the 360-degree view of  Brisbane to the north, Gold coast hinterlands in the west, and Byron Bay to the Pacific Ocean to the east from a height of 230 meters above sea level. The deck is on the 77th and the 78th level of the Q1 building with added attractions including a museum, a weather station, and a lounge bar. The most amazing feature of the observation deck is the express elevator which travels from the 77th floor in just forty-three seconds. Relish the delicacies at the SkyPoint Bistro and Bar as you watch whales riding the waves along the Eastern coastline.SkyPoint is the only beachside observation deck in Australia. Try out the open-air adventure at the top of the Q1 Resort building. Skypoint Climb takes climbers to an astounding height of 270 meters above sea level with an unmatched view of the Gold Coast. With safety as a priority, the climbers are connected to the handrail as they follow an experienced climb leader towards an ëagle nest”.If this is not thrilling enough climb the stairs to reach the spire as you lean along the edge to push that adrenaline rush to a pinnacle with ninety minutes of climbing adventure.


Next on the travelogue of Australia is the theme park and zoo  Dreamworld Gold Coast Queensland. This biggest theme park has around forty rides and attractions which include thrill rides such as The Claw and Pandemonium and kids attractions like the Dreamworld Express and Sky Voyager and the world’s fastest drop tower, The Giant Drop, and The Gold Coaster which is the oldest steel roller coaster in Queensland is thirteen stories of high-speed fun with a 360-degree loop. With many themed lands including the Ocean Parade, DreamWorks Experience, Tiger Island which is also a tiger conservatory along with tigers, wombats and koalas, and Corroboree. The favorite DreamWorks characters from Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar come alive at the park. The neighboring WhiteWater World is fun with water slides and attractions for all ages. Tail Spin is like twelve mini airplanes at an enormous height of twenty-two meters with a bird’s eye view of the Ocean Parade. Motocoaster is Australia’s one-of-a-kind rollercoaster with life-size imitations of 500 cc racing bikes with fourteen custom-made motorbikes and two sidecars specially designed for children. The new “striking “addition to the roller coaster rides is the Reptilian Tailwhip with a speed of 105 km per hour and a G force of 3.8.

Wet n Wild WaterPark

It’s time to splash, swim and slide at Wet n Wild WaterPark succeeding the SkyPoint Observation Deck. The park has a total of seventeen water slides and four water pools as the park are owned and operated by the Village Roadshow theme parks. Some of the major attractions of the Extreme H2O Zone include the 

Kamikaze-This is a U-shaped half-pipe slide where riders are seated in two-person inward-facing tubes which take a steep slope and continue in a boomerang motion till it “dries” out of speed and momentum.

Tornado -Tornado is a four-person “clover leaf “ funnel slide that dips down and then turns before it drops in the funnel before reaching the speed of 40 km per hour.

Blackhole- There are two enclosed tube slides twisting and turning around each other where the riders are in complete darkness as they slide down at high speeds. Other attractions include pools like the Aqua Loop, Calypso beach ( lazy river ), Flowrider, and the Giant Wave Pool with three million liters of wave pool.

Warner Bros Movie World

Besides DreamWorld Gold Coast Warner Bros Movie World is a theme park in Queensland Australia run by Village Roadshow Theme Parks is around twenty kilometers from the Surfers Paradise. There are around fifteen attractions which are divided into five areas namely the Main Street, Kid’s WB Fun Zone, the Wild West, DC Comics Super-Villains Unleashed, and the Comics superhero hub. The main attraction at the entrance is the Fountain of Fame followed by the Roxy Theatre off Main Street screens Yogi Bear 4D Experience. The Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster goes through corridors of ghostly projections and booby traps before the elevator drops riders into tight unbanked turns. Kids WB Fun Zone has attractions including car rides, carousels, froghoppers to splash pads. DC Comics Super-Villains Unleashed illustrates DC supervillain statues committing criminal acts. The guests use RFID wristbands to destroy the area or if vertigo is no problem hang upside down on Doomsday Destroyer. The Batwing Spaceshot employs  “four g” forces as it ushers the riders on a vertical tower.

Sea World

In addition to the SkyPoint Observation Deck excursion is the top-ranking marine animal park on Gold Coast in Australia. The park has a long list of attractions including rides and animal exhibits and encourages conservation through education concepts. There are around three roller coasters in the park as well as one water slide. Nickelodeon Land has rides designed for children which feature six attractions including the Carousel and the Beach Ball Bounce. Jet Rescue is Sea World’s only dry roller coaster where the main objective of the ride is to save marine life as the riders board a jet ski and race at a speed of seventy kilometers per hour around a twisted and banked track. The Sea World Monorail System was the very first monorail system in Australia which travels between three stations throughout the park. The Paw Patrol on Holiday is a live stage show featuring Chase and Marshall from Paw Patrol. Affinity show is set on Dolphin Beach with a sandy floored lagoon with five different pools ever built for dolphins with seventeen million liters of water with an audience of around two thousand guests. The marine attractions include the Dolphin Nursery Pool which has a successful breeding program where young dolphins mature under the watchful eyes of their mothers.

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