5 Gifts That Show Someone Appreciation

November 11, 2022

Whether it’s your sweetheart or it’s your friend, showing someone that you appreciate them through a gift is a great gesture and can make them feel extra special. Whether you want to say thank you or you want to celebrate them, here are a few gifts that can show your loved ones your appreciation: 

Gift Baskets 

Whatever the occasion, gift baskets are always a winner. Whether you give corporate gift baskets to your company team or wake up your spouse with the perfect goodie basket on their birthday, there are plenty of ways to use gift baskets to show people how much you appreciate them. 

The thing about gift baskets is that there are so many different options and ways to fill them up, so you can easily create a personalized option for your recipient. 

Engraved Water Tumbler

When the summer is hot, we want our water to cool. You can make sure your friend or loved one stays hydrated by gifting them a tumbler personalized just for them. Whether that’s a tumbler with a funny quote or inside joke engraved on it or it’s simply personalized with their name, this kind of gift is a great one for showing your appreciation for your friend. 

A Beautiful Journal

For those who love journaling, there’s nothing quite like a new journal that is easy to write in, easy to carry, and a little bit beautiful as well. If you have someone in your life who loves to write and journal, you can rest assured that a journal will be a great gift for them, regardless of what the occasion may be. 

Buy a pack of journals or shop far and wide for the perfect one for their specific style, whether that’s a planning journal or a gratitude journal. 


Plants can be a great gift. Most everyone loves to use plants in their homes. While not everyone has a green thumb if you know that your loved one would appreciate a plant or two, rest assured that it’s a great gift for any occasion. 

You can always print out instructions to help them keep their plant alive if you’ve heard them exclaim many times, “I kill all my plants!” We don’t want that to happen. A plant subscription is another option when you want to give the gift that keeps on giving. 

Selfcare Package

A self-care package could be great for your loved ones if you know that they’re having a little bit of a tough time. Whatever they may be facing, it can be made a bit easier to handle when they know that you’re there for them. 

However, a self-care gift doesn’t only have to be reserved for difficult circumstances. It’s a great gift for any occasion. From beauty product subscriptions to packages full of lotions and skin care products, create a gift that you know your loved one will appreciate, whether you’re gifting them something for their birthday or for any occasion. 

In Conclusion

From gift cards to gift baskets, there are plenty of ways to give a gift that says, “I appreciate you!” You know your loved one best. What would they love to receive when you want to tell them how much you care? It could be some goodies to start their day with sweet thoughts in their mind or it could be self-care items that help them to relax. 

Whether you want to show your corporate team how much you care or you want to tell your spouse that you’re happy they’re with you, there are many ways to give gifts to say the words that are on your mind.

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