A Comprehensive Guide on CBD-Based Alternative for Cats With Asthma

November 23, 2022

Perhaps one of the most prevalent respiratory disorders in kittens is asthma. Cats and kittens, like humans, can suffer the same medical condition (which is mainly caused by an external allergen), with similar symptoms and treatment requirements. 

Fortunately, there is evidence to suggest that full-spectrum hemp products may be able to help alleviate some of the signs and even effectively address the underlying issue. 

If you wish to know how CBD oil for cats mitigates asthma, here is the information.

What is Asthma?

Asthma is an inflammation-based, noncommunicable disease (NCD) of the respiratory tract, or “breathing airway,” as per Clinical and Experimental Allergy. Symptoms appear when the trachea is inflamed or “irritated” in reaction to stimuli (typically an allergen) and spasms, making breathing increasingly difficult. The body produces mucus and sends out even more inflammatory responses as a defense response. The airway becomes increasingly irritated as the episode progresses, leading to a full-blown asthma attack.

These episodes can be deadly if they are not resolved. Furthermore, because asthma is frequently a life-long ailment, chronic respiratory system inflammation develops over time. In general, most felines develop asthma symptoms early, with some breeds, such as Himalayan and Siamese cats, being more susceptible to the condition. In other words, any cat, regardless of its species, can get asthma. Compared to other respiratory ailments, asthma condition development in older cats is very infrequent.

Like people, cat asthma indicators and a full-fledged asthmatic episode can range from mild to life-threatening. Many cats with asthma may require medications (particularly steroids) for the rest of their lives, and they will also need rescue inhalers during an episode to deal with attacks.

What are the Symptoms of Feline Asthma?

If you are concerned that your cat is suffering from asthma, these are some of the most typical symptoms.

  • Vomiting
  • Breathing with their mouth open
  • Coughing
  • Having the appearance of being ‘out of breath.’
  • Brief and shallow breathing
  • Wheezing

Is Your Cat Suffering from Asthma?

To formally ascertain if your cat has asthma, you must consult your doctor. The veterinarian will go over your cat’s medical history, perform a physical assessment, and look for other asthmatic symptoms. In almost every case, chest x-rays will be necessary to establish the diagnosis of cat asthma. If the x-rays are ambiguous, more diagnostic testing may be required to rule out other frequent causes of breathing problems before therapy may begin.

How Do You Deal With the Issue?

Cat asthma is treated with inhaled and oral corticosteroids in conventional Western medicine. Most cats are on Prednisolone, an oral steroid that must be given every day. On days when an asthma attack is anticipated, a cat inhaler that contains one or two types of aerosolized medications is strongly recommended. Modern technologies are now available to help cats receive asthma medication via a specialized inhaler.

Furthermore, avoiding or reducing exposure to common indoor allergens and irritants, such as plug-ins, air fresheners, mold, cigarettes, dust, scented candles, perfumes, certain essential oils, etc., aid asthmatic cats in reducing asthma symptoms and attacks.

How Can CBD Oil for Cats Help Your Pet with Asthma?

There is presently no recognized definitive cure for asthma in animal and human medicine. However, the issue can be effectively managed with the proper medications in many circumstances. The disadvantage of this strategy is that prolonged steroid use causes various adverse side effects on the body. Long-term steroid use has side effects, ranging from severely heightened infection risk and immunosuppression to fat deposition, muscle loss, and hormone imbalance.

Meanwhile, a full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD oil has been presented and validated by preliminary research as an excellent adjunct or standalone therapy for asthma management. CBD demonstrates a lot of potential in asthmatics cats, owing to its anti-inflammatory properties, bronchodilator effect, and muscle constriction management characteristics.

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What Does the Research Say on CBD For Cats with Asthma?

Cannabidiol, a non-psychotropic cannabinoid constituent of Cannabis sativa, has robust anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive characteristics, as per the European Journal of Pharmacology. According to research reported in Future Medicinal Chemistry, cannabidiol is a constituent of the Cannabis sativa plant known to exercise effective immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic effects by activating cannabinoid-1 and cannabinoid-2 (CB1 and CB2) receptors in immune cells and the central nervous system, respectively.

Another investigation performed by Brazilian researchers discovered that CBD products could reduce mucus hypersecretion in the respiratory system, a typical asthma symptom in both felines and humans. According to research, hemp’s anti-inflammatory effects have also been shown to help humans and cats with lung injuries due to frequent asthmatic attacks.

Which CBD Oil is Ideal for Feline Asthma?

A full-spectrum CBD oil for felines prepared with turmeric and frankincense for further anti-inflammatory aid may be helpful when exploring an integrated or holistic strategy to cat asthma management.

It is crucial to remember that, unlike with traditional medications, the ideal dose of a full-spectrum CBD tincture for a pet depends on various circumstances rather than being centered on your cat’s body weight. A cat’s baseline endocannabinoid tone; health concerns the cat has and what drugs they are on; the cat’s age, and other factors all have a role. As a result, each cat will react differently and have a different appropriate dose.

Furthermore, CBD oil for cats has none of the long-term adverse effects of corticosteroid use. Full-spectrum hemp extract may play a vital role in managing asthma for your furry buddy, whether it is administered as an adjuvant to reduce the corticosteroid dose to its lowest efficacious amount or to replace it totally in certain circumstances eventually.

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CBD oil for cats can serve as a viable therapy for asthma in cats by improving their overall body homeostasis, potentially reducing symptoms and condition intensity. Full-spectrum CBD oil that has been properly prepared and approved is perfectly safe for kitties, with little to no side effects. With CBD oil in their clinical management routine, cats suffering from asthma may receive much-needed respite. It is important to rely on a credible manufacturer before making a purchase. Customer feedback or reviews can be an effective way to get products from a good manufacturer or retailer.

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