Guide To Wearing Watches: Which Timepieces To Use According To The Occasion

February 9, 2022

At this point, I think we already know that there are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to fashion. Wearing matching wristwatches is not an exception. Imagine going to a formal event wearing a wristwatch with a rubber strap. Or wearing a dress watch by the beach. You see, like clothes, there are types of wristwatches for different events. If you are confused with this topic, then it is time to be enlightened. Knowing these rules and tips will save you time and embarrassment. You surely don’t want to stick out of the crowd like a sore thumb, right? Let us differentiate wrist watch types according to their uses and which type of event you can use them.

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Black tie events

Even if you are bringing your phone to the event, never use it to check the time. There are still guidelines that a gentleman must follow, like an evening watch etiquette. Let’s start with which timepieces to use during a black-tie event. When it comes to the strap, a simple black leather one is the most ideal type to use. Alligator and lizard straps are not recommended, no matter how formal they look. Of course, stay away from neon, glossy straps. If you can stay away from them for good, then do it. You won’t have any use for them no matter the occasion. The rule of thumb is that your timepiece must be subtle, to the point that almost no one can notice it. 

When it comes to brands, Rolex, Cartier, and Jaeger LeCoultre are some of the usual pairs that you will see among gentlemen. But Emporio Armani has a good selection of styles that are comparably affordable than the previous timepieces. 

If you don’t have a timepiece for the event, then it is best to not wear one. Just remember your phone etiquette during the event. There is an exception to all these rules though. If you have an heirloom timepiece, then you can use that instead. If you are traditional, a pocket watch is the most discreet way of telling the time. If it is both an heirloom and a pocket watch, then you have to make that a staple piece whenever you go to a black-tie event. They are great conversation pieces that transcend all the rules of fashion. 

Formal events

Not all evening events have an all-black dress code. In that case, you have to figure out your outfit first before deciding on a timepiece to wear. The rule for men and women is the same: always match your watch to the formality of the event. To be more specific, remember to match your wristwatch with your belt and shoe color. If you are planning to wear a bucket belt, then go for a wristwatch with a metal casing. For leather belts, of course, go for a leather timepiece. When you can’t invest in several wristwatches yet, it is best to go for the ones that you can interchange the bands. Never pick an oversized dial since it will look bulky when resting on your arm. 

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Casual events

Of course, don’t wear your luxury or dress watch for everyday use. If you are only going out, the mall, or casual hanging out with friends, then this is the time to wear your casual, digital, or sports watch. Anything you have with a metal band is suitable for everyday wear. You can refer to the tips mentioned above when it comes to pairing your timepiece with your clothes since the rules are essentially the same. You can use the classic analog watches for business meetings or a date. 

Sport events 

It is safe to say that the answer to this one is obvious. A professional athlete should already own one. Aside from its practical use, a sports watch can provide your biofeedback. This includes your heart rate, steps taken, and more. However, some sports are exempted from these. For example, if you want a companion when playing golf or chess, a sports watch is not recommended. A casual watch is more appropriate for those sports. Aquatic sports require a special feature: water resistance. This is when a diver’s watch comes in. Some of these timepieces are waterproof by up to 100 meters. 

Know your watches

A wristwatch may be a small accessory, but knowing which one to use depending on the occasion is crucial. It is a reflection of your sense of self and how well you can put yourself together. They say that the first impression lasts, so make sure to create a good one by dressing appropriately. A person can instantly judge you based on what you are wearing. These are only some of the tips and rules that you should know since they are the fundamentals.

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