Guidelines to Writing Articles

June 7, 2022

Students have to write academic papers throughout their school life, and this starts from high school all through to the university. Further, adults also have to write articles and reports for their respective lines of work. However, writing articles can prove a complex process to most people, regardless of the discipline or length of the article. So how can you go about it?

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Tips on the Most Effective Way to Write Articles

If you have to write a paper of whatever type, whether at school or your workplace and have no idea about it, consider the following tips from ThesisHelpers experts.

  • Effectively plan your study time. Every expert writer will attest to the value of managing time effectively. You can avoid rushing your work to meet deadlines or miss them by knowing what stage your article has to get completed, and by what timeframe. Try and stop cramming everything in at the last minute by planning your time effectively. So start broad and narrow down as time elapses to ensure everything gets worked on meticulously and articulated well.
  • Pick a brilliant topic. It so happens that your instructor can provide you a topic occasionally, however you have to come up with one majority of the time. Therefore, pick a subject carefully as you want it to reflect your personality and feed your writing passion. Additionally, try and avoid broad topics as it can prove complicated to emphasize the article. Further, a narrow piece will also limit your sources, which can prove inadequate to balance your paper’s content.
  • Thesis statement. It proves one of the most crucial sections of the article, as it anchors the paper. Try and develop a thesis statement that proves sufficiently broad, and one that will allow you sufficient room to go around things. However, you have to ensure the thesis proves concise, as well.
  • Excellent sources. You have to ensure that you possess relevant and up-to-date sources.  Further, ensure the sources prove sufficient and avoid basing your paper on a single or two primary sources. It especially applies to most persuasive and argumentative papers, since you have to give and support opposing views. You can find out more information on this website.
  • Outline and layout. The next stage involves determining how you will write the manner. Here, you have to develop the outline and the layout to help you deliver the content effectively. It can prove chronological or point-form delivery based on the type of paper you want to write. 
  • Leave it. You have to leave the paper for at least a day. Once you complete writing the first draft. It will allow you to review the document with a fresh pair of eyes and help you edit and proofread it effectively, especially on the language flow. 
  • Proofread. It always proves useful to complete your article way before the deadline to allow for some proofreading time. Here, you can edit cursory or use a reputable spell-checker to eradicate silly errors. 


Article writing can prove fun once you understand what you have to do. Try and adhere to the guidelines provided to come up with a brilliant piece.

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