How Can a Cryptocurrency Exchange App Help You in Investing?

By Joseph
February 8, 2022

Cryptocurrency is the buzzword going around in the finance domain. These digital assets have been around for some time now, but new investors shy away from cryptocurrencies as the investment process might seem daunting.

If you are one of those investors, explore the option of a cryptocurrency exchange app. If you are a beginner wanting to know more about cryptocurrency investment or you are a pro trader looking to expand your portfolio with trade insights and analytics, the crypto app will suit both profiles.  

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How Can a Cryptocurrency Exchange App Help You in Investing?

Support for Several Digital Assets

According to a report by Statista, Tether, Bitcoin, and Ethereum were the top three cryptocurrencies traded in the first quarter of 2021. But did you know you could invest in over 250 different crypto assets? Yes, using an app, you can start your investment journey by buying or selling digital assets that fit into your budget and risk portfolio.   

User-Friendly Platform

Apps are designed keeping in mind the end-user. The question that gets asked is, how can the investment process be made easier for users? To start trading with an exchange app, you create an account with basic details like name, email, location; your details are verified, you make a deposit, and once it is cleared, you can start trading.

Suitable for Beginners and Advanced Users Alike

Exchange apps come equipped with several features. If you are a beginner, the app’s straightforward process of creating accounts, different deposit and withdrawal options, and intuitive design could help clear doubts about cryptocurrency investments. 

As an experienced investor, you could benefit from features such as real-time price feed, integrated trading view charts, combined order books, trigger setting for crypto values, and more.   

Customer Support

With a crypto app, you will not be alone on your investing journey. If you run into any problems or have doubts, you could always reach out to their customer support. Several apps offer phone and even live chat options. 

There are beginner guides available on these platforms that you can leverage to familiarize yourself with the industry, lingo, and trade processes. Keep up with varying market trends with crypto news available at your fingertips.

Account Tracking

You can centrally view and manage your user portfolio with a crypto exchange app. All your assets are available on a single screen. You get to see asset-wise distribution, real-time profit and loss value, and your favorite cryptocurrencies’ current trading prices.  

Demo Mode

Cryptocurrency trading seems exciting, you want to explore the investment avenue, but you do not want to put in any money at the beginning. It is a tricky scenario, but a crypto exchange app can make this a possibility. 

You could use the demo mode offered by apps to understand how the crypto market works. You could trade and gain experience without any risk. With real-life liquidity and market depth simulated in demo mode, gain the confidence to invest in the actual market.    

A cryptocurrency exchange app could help you navigate through the seemingly complex world of crypto investment. With a few clicks, you create an account, deposit money, and start trading. You could begin by using the demo mode and invest in over 250 digital assets. Gain a competitive edge with low prices, combining order books and real-time price feed.

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