Choosing The Best Data Science Course in India

February 8, 2022

At present, there is a lot of hype about Data Science and related fields like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and rightly so. Several new applications are being churned out for better and efficient use of technology to solve real-world problems. Consequently, many training institutions are offering quality data science courses in India.

If you are an outsider, you are attracted to this field and wondering if you have it in you to make it good in this field. Well, there is no better way than to take the plunge and find out. Everybody has an aptitude for mathematics, just that it manifests at different levels. There is nothing that consistent and high levels of motivation cannot achieve.

So, like you, many have questions related to courses on the internet these days. Questions like,

  • Which course is the best course for me?
  • What should I learn first to get a step into the data science field?
  • Should I take up small courses to pick up all the skills, or should I take up a longer program to learn all the required skills?

This article dwells on these questions and hopefully lets you make a better decision on your learning path.

Where Do I Start?

If you are a complete outsider with no background in computer science. You have a long path to tread. It all depends on your motivation to learn to keep you on track or even get you through it quicker.

So if you are a complete novice and think you have the right aptitude to take up data science, you should check if you can bear with subjects like Linear Algebra, Probability, and Statistics. If these subjects do not bore you to death, you are in good stead. It would be best if you learned these subjects because most of the concepts in Data Science are based on Linear Algebra, Mathematics, Statistics, and Probability. If you have your basics well done, picking up the rest is just a matter of time.

Ok, that there is really the litmus test for you, wasn’t it?

If you already have a background in Mathematics (Linear Algebra), Probability, and Statistics and are a novice at computer science, you should pick up some basic skills in computer science and learn how to code. However, you don’t need to be good at coding. Generally, people who are good at spreadsheet programs understand data better than others. It would be good to pick up skills in a spreadsheet program like Excel or even Google Sheets. Work with some reasonably big data sets, try out some exercises in Excel to get to know how things are structured within and across sheets.

Which Data Science Course to Choose?

Depending on where you are in terms of knowledge, as discussed, you can select programs or courses that offer you a complete learning experience. If you are comfortable with Mathematics, Statistics, and Probability, you should try and pick up those courses that provide training on skills like data mining, exploratory data analysis, and data visualization.

If you already possess the skills in data mining or exploratory data analysis and data visualization, you are good to jump to courses that offer training on advanced topics like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and the likes.

These will involve using various algorithms based on the knowledge you already possess, so it should be relatively easy for you to pick up skills here.


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