5 Ways to Customize a Gun

February 7, 2022

There are plenty of reasons for owning a gun, including security and a boost in confidence. Usually, gun owners are full of knowledge and feel a strong sense of connection to their firearms. Therefore, many people like to take the time to express their personalities by customizing their guns. Although a gun isn’t a toy, there’s no reason not to show passion for your defensive equipment. There are many customizations that can be carried out, and we will cover five of these below. 

Build Your Own

If you’re new to gun ownership and wish to get started without the need for a gun license, you could choose to build your own and purchase 80% lowers. These aren’t classified as guns by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms because you need to fabricate the gun yourself – they won’t accept a part or trigger kit. By building your own gun, you can buy the parts that suit your taste and won’t need to pay excess taxes. 80% Arms has some of the best 80% lowers in the industry. They use quality billet aluminum, and there are plenty of colors to choose from. 

Vinyl Wraps

If you already own a handgun and want to add some style to your piece, you should consider using vinyl wrap. You can apply vinyl wraps with ease, and they are completely waterproof, and if you need to take them off, you won’t have an issue. Essentially, if you can think of a design, you can likely get it custom-made. Vinyl wraps are affordable and make a fantastic way to differentiate between your own gun and others. 

Handle Covers

There are a couple of different ways to add handle covers to your gun. Firstly, you could use a functional handle cover that will add a grip to your firearm. Alternatively, you can take the aesthetic route and add personality without altering the texture or clasp of your gun. Marble and wood are two of the most popular materials used for this purpose.


Etching, also known as engraving, is a method of making cuts into metal. You can get as creative as you wish with this customization; there are custom-drawn patterns, names, and slogans. There are countless options when it comes to etching a firearm, but you should know that the choice you make will be permanent. 


Accuracy is an essential part of gun ownership, so adding a sight is a great way to customize your firearm. There are many different sights to choose from, which makes this customization a great learning curve for newbies; they include micro-red dots, laser sights, iron sights, and fiber optics. If you own a handgun, you’re likely already familiar with iron sights. 

There are countless reasons for people to own a gun, including for safety purposes. Gun owners typically feel a connection to their piece and wish to express their personalities. There are many customizations that can be carried out, as discussed above. If you want to customize a gun completely, you can purchase an 80 lower – you won’t need to pay high taxes, and you don’t need to be licensed. 

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