The Combination of Marble and Wood – in the Bathroom, Such Finishes Look Stylish and Modern

February 9, 2022

How to harmoniously combine these materials we will figure it out below.

Bathroom vanity store New Bathroom Style tells you how to combine these materials harmoniously.

Marble, and Wood: Pros and Cons of Both Materials

Both wood and marble finishing luxury bathroom vanities are standard techniques in interior decoration. Each of these materials has advantages and disadvantages.

The properties of marble directly depend on the origin of the material – natural (natural) or artificial (cast imitation of stone chips and polyester resin). Both of them have apparent advantages:

  • durability – the strength of the structure prevents the appearance of scratches, cracks, and chips;
  • ease of processing – the plasticity of the material allows you to give it the most unusual shapes – curved, thin, and curly;
  • moisture resistance – inherent in both natural and artificial marble (if it was previously treated with a hydrophobic composition);
  • resistance to temperature extremes – retains its integrity both after contact with hot objects and after a sharp drop in temperature. Therefore it is suitable even for use in country houses of temporary residence without constant heating;
  • resistance to chemicals – artificial stone is not afraid of any chemicals, and natural stone deteriorates only from exposure to aggressive acids;
  • environmental friendliness – both natural and artificial high-quality marble canvas is safe and non-toxic;
  • spectacular appearance – each piece of material has a unique natural pattern with veins and luxurious texture;
  • natural marble is resistant to ultraviolet radiation – it retains its color even under direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight.

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Marble also has Several Disadvantages:

  • instability to stains – due to the porous structure, the material quickly absorbs colorants (coffee, wine, cosmetics), and it is almost impossible to wash it off;
  • high cost – one of the most expensive types of finishes, while the high-quality artificial stone is almost as expensive as natural;
  • instability of artificial linen to sunlight – it burns out and loses its presentable appearance;

Bathroom marble and wood

On the market of finishing materials for bathrooms, you can find marble and wood of various varieties and colors. Which ones are used most often in the interior design of 48-inch double sink vanity?

Color options for marble stone

As mentioned above, marble stone can be natural and artificial, imitating natural in color and texture. 

What Shades are Found in This Material?

1. White. The most common color of this stone. A universal solution suitable for bathrooms of any size will visually enlarge small ones and add lightness and a feeling of spaciousness to large ones. Refreshing, delicate, airy, white marble will be the perfect backdrop for classic-style bathrooms and modern minimalism. In the first case, choose options with golden brown and pinkish blotches, and in the second – with dark gray.

2. Black. The dramatic, brutal, and incredibly stylish look of marble stone. It is better to use small bathrooms as a slight accent, and in spacious ones, it can also solo. A practical solution for classics and art deco, but also suitable for modern style. Black marble in the bathroom goes well with chrome and gold details.

3. Gray. As versatile as white. Looks excellent in monochrome bathroom interiors – black and white or entirely in gray shades. A fresh solution for a minimalist style, especially if you complement the design with wood in light colors. Gray marble also goes well with black fixtures and raw concrete elements.

4. Brown. Brown marble with pale beige veins is the most practical option for finishing with a stone: streaks and stains are practically invisible on this one. This material is ideal for warm beige and brown bathrooms: it is enough to combine it with wood in a natural shade and gold. Brownstone is an original solution for a classic or Art Deco bathroom.

5. Pink. A very delicate version with brownish splashes, which is perfect for bathrooms in a romantic style and pastel colors – powdery, mint, sky blue. Add white, gold, and brass accents and light wood to create a classic look. This design has a relaxing effect: this is your option if you use the bathroom mainly for spa treatments.

Shades of Wood to Match Marble in the Bathroom

When choosing a tree for finishing a bathroom, first of all, please pay attention to its moisture and heat resistance. As for color, any natural shades of wood are in perfect harmony with marble stone. The following color combinations of these materials are most successful:

  • light wood (stained oak, ash) – will create an eco-friendly, soft, delicate bathroom interior with white or pink stone and will help to enlarge a small space visually;
  • dark varieties (stained oak, walnut) – the best solution for combination with black marble, and in modern styles, it is also suitable for white and gray;
  • gray Wood (Sonoma oak or painted) – with gray stone will create a stylish monochrome interior, but also perfectly complement the white or green finish;
  • wenge is a complex shade of wood, accent itself, so it is better to balance it with marble in white or gray.

Combination Options for Marble and Wood in the Bathroom

Which bathroom elements can be made of marble and which can be made of wood to make the interior look stylish and balanced? The photos below will help you figure it out.

Marble Countertop + Wood Furniture

A universal combination for a bathroom – a stone countertop and a wooden cabinet. Most often, marble slabs are used in neutral shades: white, gray, less often black. The sink can either stand separately on the countertop or be part of it – both options look impressive. The white and light gray countertops will blend with a Scandinavian and minimalist bathroom combined with softwood furnishings. Painted wood with marble is suitable even for Provence if you choose to paint in muted shades. Add gold details (taps, lamps, mirror frames, furniture handles) for a classic look.

Marble Sink/Bathtub + Wood Furniture

An option similar to the previous one: a marble bathtub or sink in such an interior serves as the main accent, and wooden elements give the room a warmer and more comfortable atmosphere. This design solution always looks luxurious: it is best suited to the classic style. In a modern style, it is also appropriate to rely on minimalism and original geometric shapes.

Marble floor + wood walls

Since marble stone is water-resistant, it is great for bathroom floors. It is practical. It is easier to care for it than for a tree, but remember that it is challenging to wash off-colored spots from it. On the other hand, wood acts as a natural “insulation” for walls: high thermal insulation properties. This combination will make your bathroom comfortable and cozy. In addition, it is universal and suitable for both modern eco-style and classics.

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