7 Smart Ways to Generate More Leads for Your Law Firm

January 25, 2023

Smart lead generation is one of the newest and most effective strategies for generating new business. Even in the digital age, lawyers still rely significantly on word-of-mouth referrals for lead creation. While the method has merit and should always be appreciated, it should not be your company’s bread and butter.

Smart lead generation works in the background, making it a valuable tool for busy lawyers who don’t want to sacrifice their work while bringing in new clients. Some digital lead creation tactics need a little more thought and work, but they are generally low-maintenance.

Suppose you’re strapped for time and can’t picture putting together a new lead generation strategy. In that case, these seven-pointers by the expert legal assistant will make it easier than you think.

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1. Technically Sound Website

The majority of lawyers are unaware of the importance of having a technically sound website. While your website may appear technically solid, the things you can’t see can be detrimental to your ability to rank higher in online searches. It’s critical to have a technically sound website so that all of your efforts to bring online traffic to your site can achieve their full potential.

While most people want their site to be visually appealing, it must also be technically robust for Google to consider it reputable. When Google believes your site reputable (i.e., technically sound and relevant content), it will rank you ahead of your competitors with underperforming websites.

What’s important to remember is that you can’t always detect when a website isn’t working well. In many cases, it does not appear to be performing poorly. 

Also, a digital client intake form that may be incorporated on a website or landing page is another excellent technique to obtain leads from online traffic. These forms are a type of questionnaire provided to the customer by email or directly on the website. It allows one to gather information about a lead to determine whether or not the possible client is a suitable fit for the practice and to ensure that the attorney has all of the client’s contact information.

This allows your company to shorten the intake process and save critical staff time while obtaining the client’s information fast and adequately.

2. Online Listings

It’s always a good idea to provide a list of projects you’ve worked on, both successful and unsuccessful when submitting your information to an online directory. The most significant way to advertise yourself and a recommended form of legal lead generation are to provide samples of your previous work. Maintaining a thorough profile and providing necessary contact information is always a good idea. To convert a lead into a client, you must be present online for any preliminary client questions. To attract attention online, you must present a professional, robust, and trustworthy image to site visitors. 

The websites can only assist you in reaching customers; it is your responsibility to impress them. Of course, you can get help with marketing yourself. You can get help from several public relations firms in this area. However, nothing beats positive client feedback at the end of the day. This is the oldest and most traditional lead generation method because the legal profession is still quite traditional. It’s also the most powerful. Getting included on Avvo or Findlaw can help your lead-generating efforts significantly.

3. Organize a Webinar

Hosting a webinar is a low-cost, high-impact way to get high-quality leads for your business. First, choose a topic that is both relevant to your target audience and within the scope of your firm’s expertise. Next, establish advertising for a webinar focusing on the chosen topic through social media or paid ads.

Individuals should be asked to provide their personal information to register for the webinar, placing them in a pre-determined workflow.

4. Offer Free Downloads to Expand Your Company’s Email List

Anyone who has ever offered their email address in exchange for a free download from a website can attest to the effectiveness of this strategy. Offering a free download, also known as a lead magnet, on your website is a guaranteed approach to grow the owner’s email list and begin a sales funnel with a single person. Offer free downloads like will checklists, eBooks on what to expect during a divorce, or whitepapers with more in-depth information. 

Regardless of the content’s nature, the download should demand an email account to access the data. When the organization receives the person’s email address, they can enter them into an automated sales funnel. Automatic emails will be sent to the new contact, suggesting additional action that could result in the firm gaining a new client.

5. Increase Engagement By Using Dynamic CTAs

When your firm’s website is fully optimized, numerous CTAs should be in place to allow visitors to move forward in their decision-making process and contact you. These buttons used to be relatively harmless, and they were the same for everyone who visited the site. Now, websites are continually gathering user data that may be used to alter this button for each visitor, making it more personalized.

Dynamic CTAs now consider whether a website visitor is a first-time visitor, an existing client of the firm, and even their actual location. This data may then be utilized to customize the CTA button users see on their screens, resulting in significantly higher conversions. Dynamic CTAs outperform standard CTAs by 202 percent on average, according to HubSpot data.

6. Incentivize Word-Of-Mouth By Asking Happy Customers for Referrals

Word-of-mouth is undoubtedly the most potent type of marketing, but it’s also one that you can’t control directly.

By rewarding existing clients to refer you to their families and friends, you can enhance the likelihood of them doing so.

You may, for example, provide a referral discount, in which a new client who was suggested to you by an existing client pays less than a “normal” new client.

As a result, suggesting you to a friend of an existing client is a no-brainer. Why would you go to someone else when you are reliable and offer a better deal?

You must also ask for referrals if you want them. Simply remind satisfied clients that if they know someone who requires legal assistance, you would appreciate it if they would pass along your business card. Then hand over a couple of business cards to the pleased customer. Simple.

Word-of-mouth is a long game, similar to networking. Still, if it takes traction, it may become a significant lead generation channel.

7. Attend Webinars

Networking is said to determine your net worth.

It seems corny, but it’s true in the end. You can significantly benefit from building a solid professional network. Why?

Instead of trying to extract value from others, make sure to provide value.

Be willing to listen to your peers, offer free advice, and offer assistance whenever needed. Besides expanding your network, you will also build goodwill through this.

Networking takes time. The results won’t be evident for several weeks, months, or even years. When you invest in your own network and build relationships, it will eventually pay off.

Your professional network can help you gain more visibility both directly by hiring you and by referring you to others and indirectly by creating numerous business opportunities that lead to outstanding promotion.

The best way to establish these contacts is to attend industry events to speak with peers and potential clients.

For example, if you specialize in startup law, you might attend startup meetups, conferences, and other events.

What matters is that you concentrate on providing value rather than attempting to extract value.

Listen to others, offer free advice, and assist when you can. This will not only help you increase your network but will also help you create goodwill.

It’s important to remember that networking takes time. The outcomes will not be visible in the first week, month, or even year. However, if you continue to make relationships and invest in your own network, it will eventually pay off.


These seven smart ways can help any company generate more leads and cease relying on word-of-mouth recommendations to grow. Every company, however, as well as its target audience, is distinct. While these suggestions can help any legal firm, it’s best to tailor your approach to make your clients feel like you’re genuinely interested in them.

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