How To Install A Chandelier And Dimmer Switch

December 5, 2022

When you enter a grand ballroom, the first thing you probably notice is a bright chandelier studded with shimmering crystals. Chandeliers are magnificent, but they dangle vertically in the center of the ballroom. Even though they shine in all their glory, you may need to replace or upgrade them from time to time. Replacing the outdated light fixture with a gorgeous chandelier and ceiling medallion is a great way to update the look of a room. Including a dimmer switch to control the lighting when you receive guests is even better. Here is all you should know about How to Install a Chandelier | Alpha Electrician Tacoma;

Your Chandelier Size

There are several ways to determine the correct measurements of chandeliers:

1. The Size Of Your Table

Chandeliers in dining areas should be at least half the table’s width. In essence, a 42-inch wide table top requires a chandelier with a diameter of at least 21 inches, i.e., (42 inches divided by 2 equals 21 inches). The other option would be to limit the chandelier’s diameter to the table’s width and subtract 12 inches. For example, a 42-inch wide table should have a chandelier diameter of no more than 30 inches, represented as (42 inches minus 12 inches equals 30 inches).

2. Room Dimensions

The length and width of a room in feet must match the chandelier’s diameter, usually measured in inches. Ideally, a room measuring 12 feet by 12 feet should contain a chandelier with a diameter of 24 inches, i.e., (12 + 12 = 24”).

Your Chandelier height

The height of your chandelier depends on your location and ceiling height:

1. Your Dining Table

The base of your chandelier should be at least 30 inches above your dining table and 59-62 inches above your floor. Then you can add 3 inches for each additional foot of your ceiling height. It applies to ceilings over 8ft. With a 10ft ceiling, your chandelier’s base will stay 36 inches above your table.

2. Entrance Hall

The lowest part of the chandelier should be at least 3 feet above the floor. If possible, hang it 7 feet above the floor or from high ceilings.

The Process Of Installing A Chandelier

Follow the procedure below when installing a chandelier;

  • First, determine the height of your chandelier.
  • Shorten the chandelier’s mounting bracket to the desired length. That should hold the power cord at about 6 inches more.
  • Consider removing your old overhead lighting by first turning off the power to the lighting at your home’s fuse box.
  • Feed the cables through the decorative rings and medallions on the ceiling. Then into the open threaded pipe in the center of the ceiling box.
  • Consider using nuts to connect the cables to the house wiring.

Installing A Dimmer Switch;

Here are some steps to follow when installing a dimmer switch

  • Go for a dimmer switch whose amperage equals the total energy of the lights in your chandelier.
  • Go to your breaker and turn off the power to the light fixture.
  • Remove the current shade and switch.
  • Connect your dimmer to the cables using wire nuts.
  • Attach the medallion and trim ring to the ceiling, tighten the lock nuts, and then attach the chain.
  • Put the cables back in the box and fix the switch.
  • Turn the power on after replacing the cover. 

Dimmer switches And CFLs

You cannot install CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) together with dimmers unless the manufacturer clearly states that they should work with dimmers.

Do You Need An Electrician To Install Your Chandelier?

Chandeliers are gorgeous furnishings, thanks to their aesthetics and visual appeal. They bring glamor and elegance to your home or business and come in different sizes, shapes, and patterns. Some people believe that chandeliers are only for high ceilings and banquet halls. However, they are adaptable and suitable for any room in your home, whether it has low or high ceilings.

There is often debate about whether you should hire an electrician to install your chandelier or do it yourself. Since chandeliers are lighting fixtures, some people think it’s an easy DIY project. On the other hand, it is an electrical issue that is best handled by a professional electrician. While installing a chandelier on your own can save you money, it is neither safe nor ideal. Any mistake can cause your entire electrical system to stop working or damage all the lighting in your home or business premise. It is, therefore, worth engaging competent, licensed, and accredited electricians to assist you with chandelier installation solutions.

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