Just What the Doctor Ordered: 6 Ways To Make Your Medical Practice More Efficient

November 17, 2022

Running a medical practice, regardless of the size, can be very time-consuming and stressful, especially if it is your first time in the profession. After all, you must simultaneously look after the well-being of your patients and your organization. 

With the ever-changing healthcare system, and the evolving medical practice industry, staying in control is crucial. Luckily change also brings about new platforms to increase the efficiency of your practice. 

Outsource your billing

One way to free your office staff to focus on patient care is by outsourcing your billing. Find a platform that handles insurance claims, check-in forms, and patient statements on your behalf.

Hiring a service such as Remedy Medical Billing means you will have more time for patient interaction and will not need to worry about errors or omissions on your bills. 

Create a dashboard of critical metrics

Creating a dashboard for key performance indicators allows you to quantify your goals, saving time and streamlining your workflow. It is beneficial for tracking performance on smaller tasks and evaluating strategic decisions. 

A dashboard can be as simple as a list of numbers or percentage targets or contain charts, graphs, and other visualizations. Dashboards also help identify areas that need addressing.

Use customer relationship management

Technology like customer relationship management (CRM) is a great way to organize patient information. Program your CRM software with data from every interaction with a patient in person and via social media, messaging platforms, and more.

This information acquired from adapting a CRM system in your medical practice is used for reminders about doctor’s appointments, generating follow-up leads, and keeping customer satisfaction scores up. 

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Work smarter with automation tools

Drastically increase your productivity and take on more patients using automation software rather than manually doing things. Automation software can help streamline everyday administrative tasks like data entry, generating reports, and scheduling appointments. 

These apps are an excellent investment for busy medical practices looking to speed up internal processes without sacrificing accuracy or efficiency. For example, if you process many documents daily, use an automation tool so that all incoming files will go straight into your document management system rather than cluttering your inbox.

Follow standard operating procedures

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) ensure that your staff is on the same page regarding patient care and reception procedures. Without these policies, your medical practice could suffer from miscommunication and time mismanagement, hindering proper service provision.

Adopt a standard operating system for scheduling appointments, answering phones, making referrals, and handling prescriptions. Staff members should be familiar with their role in each process and adhere to their responsibilities. For instance, a doctor should not answer phones or schedule appointments when seeing patients.

Also, update SOPs periodically based on new information and organizational changes. It is easier than ever to create and distribute an electronic version of SOPs thanks to templates available online or simple word processing software like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Utilize staff training and meetings

Staff training may seem like a lot of work, but it will save you time in the long run by ensuring everyone is doing the right task. In addition, regular team meetings are essential as they allow you to review progress and discuss any concerns people may have. 

Make appointments mandatory and often by using team communication tools. If a staff member will not make it, reschedule for another day so that no one slips through the cracks. Training and meeting with your team regularly help create an efficient medical practice.

Wrapping up

In healthcare, time is money. Running a medical practice can be time-consuming and overwhelming at times, but following these tips can make it more efficient. A more efficient approach means more time helps patients get better.

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