Effective Ways to Reduce Your Electricity Bills

January 18, 2023

Queensland’s electricity consumption is at around 65.14 terawatt-hours. The average electricity bill in Australia is around $1250. Most people in Australia now spend a considerable amount of time at home because of the pandemic. If you have started spending more time at home, then your electricity bills are probably rising. 

You can cut down on your average electricity bill by understanding effective ways to lower your energy consumption and cut back on internet costs. If you think switching to a new provider is the best option, you should first compare electricity QLD and get an idea of the rates offered by different suppliers. 

Additionally, here are a few tips to help you reduce your electricity bill. 

Use Natural Lighting During the Day

Though this may seem like an almost obvious solution, it is a very effective one. You may also consider switching to LED lighting to lower your bills. LED bulbs are a simple way to minimize unnecessary waste of energy since they consume 75% less energy than other forms of standard lighting. 

They also produce better light. Other simple steps that can be taken are turning off the light when you leave a room or using natural light for most of the day, which can make a massive difference to your electricity bill.

Update to Smart Docking Stations

If you still use a power board, consider upgrading to smart docking stations. This step will help you lower your electricity consumption when your devices are on standby. In fact, some appliances consume a lot of electricity, even on standby mode. Find out which appliances pose this risk and switch them off after use. 

Find Cheap Electricity Plans

If your internet bills are shooting up, it may be wise to check out other energy suppliers. There are over 36 privately owned electricity suppliers in QLD. So you have several options to choose the best deals from. Compare electricity in QLD using websites that list and compare the benefits offered by each energy supplier and the rates they offer. 

This step will help you learn about cheaper electricity plans. If your electricity usage requirements have increased, you may need to shift to a new plan. For example, if you now work from home and have a home office, it’s best to switch to another plan that accommodates your updated needs. 

Understand Your Electricity Bill and Contract

Take a good look at your plan fine print and your energy bill to identify hidden and avoidable costs. Your bill will contain details of usage charges and supply charges. 

You will also be able to find out if there are “peak hour” usage rates and other specified rates related to your plan. If any of the cost elements are avoidable or unnecessary, you can customize your electricity plan by discussing it with your supplier.

Wrapping Up

Your energy service provider may offer special discounts and benefits that you can use to lower your electricity costs. For instance, if your electricity provider also offers internet services, you may be able to earn significant bundling discounts by choosing the same provider for electricity and internet. Similarly, if most of your electricity consumption happens at peak hours, you may check for peak usage discounts and other similar rewards. However, higher discounts do not automatically translate into lower electricity bills. So only choose discounts and rewards that can help you achieve the goal of reduced electricity bills. 

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