How to Turn on a Woman: The Science Explained

April 28, 2022

It is not very hard to turn a man if he really is into you, but turning on a woman is no less than rocket science. It is an art that not every man can master.
It is not very easy for a woman to open up physically with a man unless the man makes the required efforts.
There are very certain switches that you need to press in order to turn-on a woman and arouse her sexual desires for you. You need to focus on the brain chemistry of a woman to get that girl in the mood.
So, here we will unveil some scientifically proven ways to turn on a woman sexually, but let us tell you, it starts with a very non-sexual manner.

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How Do Women Get Turned On?

Turning a woman is a skill that you need to master if you want your lady to be satisfied with you. Your intimate relationship plays a very important role in your relationship in general. But, most of the guys think that what they see in porn, read in magazines, and hear from their peers is true. No, women are not as easy to turn on as men because they think “lovemaking” as an emotion and not just a physical activity. So, here is how women open themselves in bed:

  1. Women are not as easy-to-go as men. They need all the obstacles to be removed before allowing them to be turned on. By “Obstacles” we refer to stress, hormonal issues, guilt, body complex, shame, and low-confidence.
  2. Next, every woman is different and different things turn them on. Some like romantic talks, some prefer sexy memories, some like care and pampering, a hot bath, candles, fragrances, music, and massage. So, you need to set the atmosphere
  3. Cuddling, Playing around, kissing, and then foreplay before sex is very important for a woman. So, you must be clear about what a woman wants in bed before and after sex.

How to Turn-on a Girl: Tips to Flow the Juices

Now as we are clear with the psychological process of women, so it is time to know the consecutive steps for “How to turn a girl on?”

  • Make her Comfortable

A real man knows how to respect a woman and create a comfortable atmosphere for the women around him, especially the woman he wants to charm. You just can’t get a girl into bed without charming or pleasing her.
So, read the mind of a girl you like, know her likes and dislikes, open her up, and work with your charm. Seeking CONSENT is CRUCIAL. If you just insist a girl sleep with you, you are going to end up in jail.
If a woman knows that she is safe and respected by you, half of the battle has already been won.

  • Tell Her She is Attractive

Beauty is meant to be praised and complementing the girl you like will definitely give her butterflies in the stomach. Let her know that she is very charming, good looking, and attractive. You can even compliment her smile, eyes, and lips. Tell her how you can’t keep your eyes off and look at her is an immense pleasure.
Here is a tip; glance at her face every now and then, with feelings in your eyes, but make sure you don’t look at her in a creepy manner, there should be subtleness in the look. Smile while looking at her sometimes and call her “Beautiful”, “Lovely”, “Charming”, etc. as often as possible, just don’t go overboard with it.

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  • Be your Best Version

From looks to behavior, you have to present yourself as best, if you really want a girl to turn on. Girls really appreciate guys who maintain their looks, hygiene, and mainly their style. Also, only a gentle and caring person can win their confidence and this is very important if you want women to attract physically.
Show her your strength and kindness by helping others and let her know how you respect people around you, this will help you win her heart and make your way ahead.

  • Hold hands

Girls love holding hands. So, hold her hand while walking and see if she likes it. If she takes away her hand while you touch her, this is a clear sign she is not interested, but if she likes and lets you hold her hand; you are going to be lucky soon.
Now, gently caresses her hand while talking, watching movies, or just sitting at your place.
According to Matt Hertenstein: a psychologist at DePauw University in Indiana:
“Oxytocin is a neuropeptide, which basically promotes feelings of devotion, trust, and bonding. It really lays the biological foundation and structure for connecting to other people”

  • Start with Gentle Touches:

Few gentle touches are a very powerful message when you are physically attracted to someone. Gently touch her shoulders or back, but don’t make it look unnatural.
Make sure you look like a gentleman while you touch her. Don’t go overboard or start making inappropriate touches, just touch the exposed body parts like back, wrist, shoulders, and hair.
Here is a very good example:
“When you walk near each other, place your hand near the small of her back to guide you through a crowded party or bar. This will show your care and not make you look like a man who only wants her body. This way you can touch her and look like a caring person at the same time.”

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  • Whispering Works

Ears are the sensitive and erogenous zone, and hence whispering slowly can help you turn her on. The light pressure of your breath around her ears and neck will definitely arouse her. Sentences like “I couldn’t stop thinking about you today” or “I had a dream about you” can also give her required sensations.

  • Cuddling

Cuddling is the most important part when you can actually arouse the feelings in the heart of the lady and give her the comfort and safe zone to open up for more. You should invest a good time in cuddling. So, give her warm cuddles while on the couch or bed, watching movies or talking.
Psychologist Dr. Kathryn Hall says “while men tend to approach sex as a way to experience intimacy, women consider desire and sex a result of emotional connection.”

  • Dim the Lights

Dimming light will create a dreamy and intimate atmosphere, where you both can have your quality time. So, turn off the strong lights, burn some perfumed candles and play soft and slow music. As a matter of fact, the surrounding plays a vital role in turning on a woman; also, it will make her relaxed and less self-conscious about herself.

  • Give Her Massage

A soft massage can relax her mind and body and pressure on certain points help you arouse her physical desires. So, slowly massage her neck, shoulder, back and feet so that she can have a look at your caring sides and you get a chance to touch her.

  • Give Her an Amazing Kiss

A Kiss transmits your emotion and releases Oxytocin which is also known as the love hormone. So, give a gentle, long, and soothing kiss. This will boost dopamine in your minds and you both will feel more connected to each other.
But hold your horses man! Make sure you don’t touch her private body parts while kissing. Just keep your hands at the side of her cheek, neck or in her hair (while caressing them)

  • Ask For Consent

Now, ask her if she likes it or not. And, ask if she would like to go beyond this. If she says yes, you can make your way ahead, but if she hesitates, you must step back and let her have her time. Even if she says No, sit and talk and have a non-sexual quality time with her. Just saying “Is this OK?” or “Are you OK”, is enough to know what she has in her mind. If you find her uncomfortable, be a man, and stop immediately.
If she says yes, you are lucky and can go further.

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  • Touch the Erogenous Points

Every woman is different and has different erogenous zones. So, you need to figure it out where she likes to touch. Don’t rush!! Just gentle touches and slow kisses on the focused points will drive her crazy. Commonly women have these erogenous zones:

      • Neck, throat, and collarbones
      • Shoulders
      • Feet and ankles
      • The small of her back
      • Ears
      • Stomach
      • Back of the knees
      • Inner thighs
      • Curves
  • Show Some Variety

If you get to know where she liked to be touched, don’t just focus on it. Rather, touch thereafter intervals so that the thrill can be maintained. Look, how she responds to your touches and what she likes. It is a science that only you can understand.

  • Cuddle Afterwards

After the intimate session, don’t just turn your back and sleep. Tell her she is beautiful, kiss her forehead and wrap your arms around her. This way she will feel respected and will want to spend more time with you in the future.

  • Give Her Space

Once she leaves, don’t start asking her for more. Meet her casually, give her treats & presents, and make her feel special, and wait till you think the heat has turned back. Till then, give time to other important things to maintain your bond with her.

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In a nutshell, it is very important to establish an emotional connection to build a physical relationship with a woman. The more you can connect with her heart and mind, the more she will feel attracted physically.

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