Living Room Storage: Top Ideas to Inspire

February 28, 2022

A small living room is the problem of many modern apartments. However, this is an issue that you can easily solve! A good layout, smart space-saving solutions, the right selection, and the placement of furniture will help you organize the space functionally and make it comfortable both for your own pastime and for gatherings with your friends. So instead of cluttering the space and putting household items in random places, store things smartly. 

The Solution

Whether you aim to get rid of furniture or not, your want to have the maximum space available. In a small living room, one can easily forget the things you keep in the room, such as photos, books, collectibles, clothes, plants, etc. But how can you organize the storage? That’s a trick. In a small room, you need to be really clever in organizing methods. And we are ready to help you. In our selection, you will find the smartest storage solutions from professional designers. Let’s browse it together and get inspired! Find stylish ideas for your home and create extra storage space in your living room without buying bulky cabinets and sideboards. Use a virtual staging solution from the spotless agency to visualize different storage options and pick the one that fits the interior best.

#1 – Coffee Table

A coffee table with extra storage space is a great solution for compact living rooms, especially if you have a budget. On the shelves, under the tabletop, you can place books, magazines, and boxes for useful little things. Another practical option is a group of tables connected to each other. They can be placed side by side and, if necessary, assembled into one to free up maximum space. This is a good approach to using the space effectively and then rearranging pieces of furniture when there is a need for that.

#2 – Shelves

The main advantage of shelving is that they do not take up much space. What is more, they easily fit into any niche or space behind the sofa, while the entire home library can easily fit on the shelves. In addition, shelving can be supplemented with closed cabinets or drawers. You are free to put any design items or objects on shelves. They all together will create a special atmosphere in a room.

special atmosphere in a room

#3 – Baskets

Wicker or fabric baskets, wooden boxes or even cardboard boxes will help not only decorate the interior of the living room but also find a place for everything you need. Magazines, stationery, board games that will come in handy during a house party, blankets for winter evenings, and other useful things can be easily stored there. Thus, you can quickly take them out or hide if there is a need for them.

#4 – Sofa

Of course, a sofa is an indispensable piece of furniture in the living room. However, have you ever thought that it could also serve as an additional storage space? Many modern models of sofas are equipped with drawers for bed linen, pillows, and blankets or shelves. You can practically put just anything there that should be hidden and easily taken out in some cases.

#5 – Armrests

If you don’t want to clutter your coffee table with extraneous items, pay attention to sofas with side storage compartments. Moreover, a section with pockets for accessories can be attached to the armrests. So all the necessary items will always be at hand.

#6 – Combined Storage Options

Use a large mirror to the backside of your furniture. This will ensure that you can store things under the furniture. This option may not be possible in some cases due to the size of the mirror. However, you can freely do that with smaller-sized mirrors. Use shelves under the mirror. Thus, you can keep small stuff there as well.

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