How Often Should You Replace Your Fridge Water Filter?

March 30, 2023

Did you know that if you don’t change your fridge water filter, the pores on the activated carbon can become clogged and collect harmful substances making you sick? As a result, you risk being exposed to microorganisms such as coliform and salmonella.

Read our guide on how to replace the fridge water filter and why it’s important. 

Why Change Fridge Water Filter

Changing your fridge water filter is essential to maintaining clean water. The filter is similar to a respirator by keeping unwanted substances out. These filters must be changed regularly to ensure you avoid unwanted particles and pollutants, in addition to preventing scaling and deposit build-up that could damage your fridge. 

Additionally, not changing your filter also changes the smell and taste of your water. As a result, your ice will also begin to smell bad. 

When to Change Fridge Water Filter

Most manufacturers recommend changing your filter at least every six months. However, some factors can speed up the replacement time. For example, if you frequently use the filter, the longevity might decrease.

Below are signs you need to change the filter, even if it hasn’t been six months: 

  • Strange or unpleasant smell
  • It tastes like tap water
  • Weakened water pressure
  • Cloudiness in water or ice 
  • Ice maker is slow 
  • Ice maker stops producing ice 

If you notice any of these signs, your fridge water filter needs replacing. Next time you need to replace your fridge water filter, or want to speak to an expert, check out  

How to Change Fridge Water Filter

Once you determine you need to replace the fridge water filter, you need to know-how. While the process depends on the type of refrigerator you have, most manufacturers have similar steps. 

First, you need to purchase a replacement filter. To determine what filter you need, you can look at your owner’s manual or look up the model number online. Next, you need to locate the water filter in your unit and then turn off the water supply. To turn off the water supply, you need to pull the fridge away from the wall and shut off the valve. 

Next, remove the filter by either twisting, pulling, or pushing, depending on your fridge model, and then install the new filter by twisting or pushing. Lastly, turn the water supply back on and enjoy your freshly filtered water. 

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Change Your Fridge Water Filter Today

Your fridge water filter needs regular replacing to ensure your water is safe for consumption and tastes good. If you follow this guide to replacing the fridge water filter, you’ll never have to ask yourself again about how to change the filter or the reasonings behind the bi-annual replacements. 

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