Here’s How to Incorporate Vintage Style into Your Business Signage

January 9, 2023

Vintage styles are making their comeback lately and businesses have integrated them into their interiors and products. These are also applied with modern twists to come up with an entirely fresh appearance even with the combination of previous trends. 

But the application of such styles is not limited to just products and services. You can even include it in business signage. This is possible with the type of material and design you will include to make your business stand out while integrating an old style.

Below are some of the examples of the combination between old and modern styles for business signage:

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LED Multi Colored Tubes

The 70s and 80s were the years known for the prevalence of neon-colored lights that were hung on the walls, windows, ceilings, and floors of almost all kinds of establishments as a form of entertainment or emphasis to certain aspects of buildings. However, its negative effects on the environment had led to a decrease in material usage. As a result, neon was replaced with LED which offers more benefits. LED is more versatile since it can be applied not only for added accentuation but to provide highlights to letterings. So, if you still want to aim for 70’s or 80’s multicolored lighting, LED is your go-to material.

LED Colorful Bulbs

Similar to the neon lights, another type of vintage light is the marquee bulbs. These are commonly found in diners, theaters, casinos, and even in mirrors. These are fluorescent lights that were a bit pricey because these bulbs didn’t last long which means replacing a lot of them. 

Compared to fluorescent bulbs, LED bulbs are affordable and last a bit longer so they can be applied even with exterior lighting and individual letterings. Thus, you don’t have to exert extra effort and time in replacing bulbs.


Weathering or Corten Steel

If you’re planning to achieve stylish rusted signs, there’s the weathered steel that you can use to mimic the same past-looking display. The processes involved in producing these kinds of steel are very crucial especially in maintaining the surface and texture for a long time. The coating applied should be able to withstand all types of weather and external elements that may affect the material.

A lot of designers, engineers, and architects recommend the material, however, it is very pricey. This had them making alternatives that looked very similar to the said type of steel. Faux rust paints and finishes are applied on steel surfaces to mirror the same appearance of weathered steel and are also able to protect the material itself from any weather conditions.


Wood Signs 

Wood is another reliable material that can be utilized for your business signage. It gives off that traditional and elemental feel to your outdoors. But it could also look good for interiors especially when coated with glossy finishes and is a good choice when you want your letters emphasized.

A special type of wood is sandblasted wood that is often suggested for outdoor business signage where images are carved into the material by sandblasting. This adds depth to the overall appearance of the signage.


Neon Signs

As previously mentioned, its popularity may have slowly faded but is still incorporated in today’s exterior signages. To stand out, businesses have to make use of materials that allow them to grab people’s attention. There are still businesses that utilize the old trends such as the retro and street style and what detail can best define them aside from neon lights? 

Final Thoughts

Business is a field that constantly requires creativity and innovation and that involves actions like borrowing past trends and adding modern flair to come up with a better output.

Old styles like vintage and retro will always come and go because people love to reminisce. These styles have had their impacts in the world especially in the aspects of fashion, architecture, and interior design. If not for them, there wouldn’t be newer styles that would emerge and upgrades in terms of designing and other features. This is where the designers have to work on developing unique and fresher concepts that exude various kinds of impressions.

So, it is highly recommended for you to identify the type of style your business will integrate into its logo, products, services, and advertisements so it is easier for customers to distinguish you from your competitors. Deciding on a concept allows you to better establish your brand and let your target audience recognize your products and services. Furthermore, your chosen concept or style ensures consistency with your design. It will be part of your business’ identity so choose a concept that is also appropriate for your brand. Avoid a concept that doesn’t complement or is not suitable for the products you provide.

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