What Do Immigration Attorneys Do?

March 4, 2022

Immigration attorneys are not your regular type of lawyer. They spend a significant part of their careers helping you meet immigration requirements or dealing with any related issues that may arise. Immigration attorneys act as counselors or advisors to immigrants and foreign citizens interacting with the United States immigration authorities. They offer professional guidance on matters such as employment, deportation, citizenship and naturalization, green cards, and visa applications for non-citizens. While they spend more time mediating between immigration authorities and clients, an experienced Nashville immigration lawyer also shows up in court during immigration hearings.

Most people hire immigration attorneys when they need help to submit applications for immigration documents like visas or green cards. Your application could fall through if you do not fully understand the immigration law requirements. It would be best to hire an immigration attorney if you or your loved one finds themselves in any of the following situations.

You Have Been Convicted of a Crime

Most USCIS forms require applicants to fill in whether they have been convicted of a crime. You are expected to disclose all relevant information including your whole criminal record. That usually includes charges that were later expunged or dropped. You might want to hire an immigration lawyer if you have been convicted of a crime in the past. Immigration attorneys understand the implications of your criminal record on your application and what the law dictates on both matters. 

Prior Applications Have Been Denied

It is essential to remember going into an immigration application that nothing is set in stone. Once you have tendered your application, it is reviewed with a possible positive or negative outcome. If you have had several applications denied in the past, maybe it’s time you hired an immigration attorney. The lawyer can determine potential reasons why your application was denied and hopefully find a way around it.

For instance, you might have left out vital information that rendered you ineligible for the documents you need. An immigration lawyer can guide you to make a fresh and viable application that might just get you what you want. They are also best suited to advise you on whether you can reapply for the said documents or appeal the rendered decision.

You Have Been Previously Deported or Denied Entry Into the US

While some of the people who have been deported or denied US entry can legally find their way back into the country, that is not always the case. It can be tiresome and frustrating to try to enter the US repeatedly with no success in sight. That is why you need an immigration lawyer. These attorneys have years of experience and expertise dealing with cases exactly like yours. As such, they are your best bet at finding a solution to your problems.

They can advise you on whether your exclusion or deportation translates to permanent barring from making future immigration applications, based on what the law says on that matter. This advice includes the full implications of being excluded or deported and the options open to you (if any).

Prolonged Waiting During Application

Like most government offices, it is not abnormal to find yourself waiting for way longer than expected for feedback. While there’s not much you can do as a regular applicant, an immigration lawyer might just do you one better. They understand the law on such immigration applications including acceptable timelines and deadlines. As such, your lawyer may be able to find out why your application is taking so long and whether your processing could be expedited.

Marriage-Based Visa Applications

If your marriage to an American citizen is legally terminated before removing conditions on your permanent resident status, you may experience a few difficulties with the immigration office. Relevant parties are required to file marriage-based visa applications jointly. As such, you may have a hard time proving your marriage wasn’t fraudulent, especially in the event of death or divorce. Instead of piling emotional distress from the termination of your marriage with frustration from the immigration office, you can hire an immigration attorney to help you out.

Similar difficulties apply when you are trying to change your permanent resident status after divorcing one partner and marrying a different American citizen.  In both cases, your first marriage is suspected to have been fraudulent unless you can prove otherwise.

Immigration laws may not be the usual cup of tea for most people. Applications can take anywhere between a couple of months and several years if you don’t know what to expect. An immigration attorney saves you much frustration and ensures your interests are well-represented in case of a hearing.

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