What Jobs Can I Get with a Master’s in International Marketing Degree?

December 5, 2022

In the wake of globalization, several new career paths emerged in the corporate domain that was unthinkable before. For example, while companies employed teams for their local marketing efforts, marketing as an international business operation was unheard of until the last few decades.

Today, the international marketing industry is a flourishing one and keeps adding new roles and positions. A career in international marketing can be quite exciting, financially rewarding, and comes with a decent level of job security.

Hence, seeking out a career in this field after pursuing a master’s in international marketing can be a wise move. Career diversity aside, you can also look forward to creative and meaningful work. Hence, it can be great to explore these career paths after pursuing a master’s in international marketing.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the top career roles open to international marketing graduates in 2023. 

What Does a Career in International Marketing Look Like?

If a report by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics is to be believed, the career outlook for international marketers is booming right now. Because global marketing is more complex and involves a host of factors, there are fewer people who are skilled in that area.

This has created an intense demand for reliable international marketers who can help companies set up bases in other countries successfully. 

International marketers use their advanced understanding of global markets to make smooth transitions from domestic to global marketplaces for their companies. They also ensure they are able to translate their existing market reputation and provide extensive advice regarding:

  1. Cultural differences and appropriation
  2. Differences between government influences
  3. Estimates of expansion costs abroad
  4. Buying habits of international buyers
  5. Latest industry trends in international markets
  6. International trade regulations

What are the Top Benefits of Choosing a Career in International Marketing?

A marketing career can be quite exhilarating in general—add in the complexities of international markets and you have a career path that’s never dull. Here are some of the advantages of seeking a career in global marketing.

  1. A host of opportunities to meet and interact with multiple people from diverse backgrounds
  2. Exciting career opportunities across a wide range of industries
  3. Ability to add immense value toward company growth and expansion
  4. Multiple career progression opportunities

What are the Career Prospects of Completing a Degree in International Marketing?

International marketing covers global aspects of marketing operations such as running international campaigns and setting up shops in a new country. To have a successful international marketing career, you should be well-versed in global audience demographics as well as have a fair idea of what would sell in new markets.

Here are the top international marketing roles that you can explore after a relevant degree.

  1. Global marketing manager
  2. Marketing analytics manager
  3. Digital marketing manager
  4. Global campaign manager
  5. International advertising specialist.

Start looking out for appropriate courses in international marketing today to explore this exhilarating career path.

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