Keep Your Business in Singapore Virus-Free

February 8, 2022

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the constant need to maintain cleanliness in businesses has become a top priority to ensure everyone’s safety when entering and staying in different establishments. As businesses start to reopen for transactions, simply cleaning frequent areas of contact might not be enough to keep everyone protected from getting infected.

If you are looking to buy a shop air and surface sanitizer in Singapore and want to know more information about its usage and effectiveness, then continue reading down below for more information.

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What to Know About Surface and Air Sanitizing?

Finding the right shop air and surface sanitizer for your establishment can be hard at first. But before going there, let us find out what surface and air sanitation

Surface and air sanitation is the prevention of the spread of different viruses with the help of chemicals that break down the structures of any viruses. These chemicals are usually 70% to 90% alcohol and are diluted with water for health safety. The alcohol used may be any of the following: ethanol, ethyl alcohol, isopropanol, or n-alcohol.

Through air and surface sanitation, germs, viruses, and any other impurities will be eliminated and lessen the risk of infection. The use of disinfecting machines can help your business protect itself from viruses that remain on surfaces and the air, such as COVID-19. Our disinfectant mist machines, which can kill over 30 types of bacteria and viruses, can help your environment stay safe and protected for both your staff and customers.

How to Safely Conduct Shop Air and Surface Sanitation

When using a shop air and surface sanitizer, it is important to follow the safety guidelines to conduct air and surface sanitation effectively. This includes following the instructions found on a product’s label, wearing the proper gear such as gloves and goggles, storing the products appropriately, and properly storing and disposing of these products and other items used.

To improve your environment’s safety and better utilize shop air and surface sanitizers, it’s best to create and thoroughly plan a cleaning checklist and develop an organized cleaning schedule for your establishment as well.

Planning out a cleaning routine for your business establishment can help eliminate the chances of bacteria and viruses remaining on surfaces and the air. When doing so, you might want to consider the following factors when planning out a sanitizing routine:

  • No. Is your establishment often frequented by a lot of people?
  • What type of activities take place in your business (e.g., do people eat and dine here?)
  • What is your customer demographic?
  • How vulnerable are these people to likely contract these bacteria and viruses?

Additionally, make sure that your establishment also gives both your customers and employees plenty of access to hygiene supplies such as alcohol, wipes, and hand soap to ensure maximum protection.

Keep Your Business Virus-Free Now

Find the best shop air and surface sanitizer in Singapore here now. Our tests have delivered a 99.6% improvement rating when using our disinfecting machines compared to just doing wipe-cleaning processes and other sanitation methods. With our products, you can help build trust with your employees and staff, especially as we brave the new normal during this pandemic.

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