Looking For Causes for Low Water Pressure? Here You Go

December 5, 2022

Low water pressure is one of the commonest plumbing issues that sometimes require a Water Pressure Repair expert’s intervention. It can affect sinks, toilets, shower heads, and other categories of plumbing fixtures. In case you are suffering from low water pressure, and you want to know the most common causes of these issues, then you’ve come to the right page. Here will discuss the common causes of these issues and provide you with some basic solutions on how to fix them. So read on. 

Causes of Low Water Pressure

Water Supplier Issues

Before you call in an expert to come to check out your water pressure, you should ask neighbors if they’re experiencing the same issue. If their answer is positive, you should contact your water supplier to know what’s going on. So if it’s an issue from their end and they’re already fixing it, you’ll have to wait till they’re done.

Change In City Regulations

Although this is a rare occurrence, sometimes the city makes a change to some water regulations, which can affect your water pressure. In this case, you should get a water pressure booster system and hire a good plumber to install it. There could also be a need to hire an inspector when the installation is done.

Debris Buildup 

When there’s a pipe blockage, it can mess with the level of water pressure. This could be caused by the accumulation of dirt like sand, solidified oil, or food particles. Dirt buildup creates less space for water to pass through.


The result of corrosion is deterioration and collapse of a pipe’s interior walls. This is more popular with older galvanized steel pipes. When not repaired or replaced on time, corroded pipes eventually fail and lead to water damage. 

Water Meter Valve

A partially opened or closed valve can also cause water pressure problems in the home. If a plumbing procedure has recently been carried out on your plumbing system, you should inspect it to determine if the water meter valve is fully opened. Some plumbers may forget to fully reopen the water valve. 

Shared Pipelines

Shared pipelines are pipelines that supply water to two or more houses. If you share a pipeline with neighbors, it could be the reason your water pressure is low. One of the most effective ways to fix this issue is to get a plumbing company to help separate your pipes.

Leaking Pipes

A leaking pipe could also affect the water pressure level of your home. Once you discover a leaking pipe, turn off your water supply and dry the outer part of the leaky pipe. Thereafter, wrap a rubber patch around the corroded area and use a pipe repair clamp and electrical tape to attach it to the pipe. It’s worth noting that this solution is temporary. You should still contact an experienced plumber for the necessary repairs.

Water Shutoff Valve

The water shutoff valve is the device that controls water flow in the home. If it’s not fully opened, it could be the reason for the low water pressure. Fortunately, you can open it yourself. If it’s a level valve, move the handle till it’s in line with the water pipe.

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What To Look For In A Plumber


You should only consider licensed plumbers, especially if your city requires it. When you choose a trained, qualified and licensed plumber, it helps to ensure you receive the highest standard of workmanship. They’ll be able to diagnose your plumbing issues properly and offer the best solution. Moreso, they have the required equipment.

Communication Skills

For effective communication purposes, you should go for a professional plumber who’s eager to answer any questions you may have. If you’re unable to reach a plumber even before your project starts, there’s a possibility that they won’t be accessible even during the project. So always consider a plumber’s availability before you hire them.  


After examining your project, the plumber should give an appropriate estimate of how much you need to fix the plumbing issue. It’s better to let a plumber have a physical look at your project because an estimate given on the phone is likely to turn out wrong. Moreso, the estimate should include the cost of materials and how much the plumber is charging for their service.


One of the keys to determining if a plumber is reliable is by checking their review. You can check their website or other independent review platforms for these reviews. 

Now that you know some common causes of low water pressure, you can decide whether you can do a DIY fix or need to call a plumber. And if you’re hiring a plumber, ensure they’re licensed and experienced, and check their online reviews before you commit.

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