From Tetris to Minecraft – Why Do We Love a Good Block Puzzle Game?

By Vedwik
May 29, 2021

When we consider the block puzzle, we generally think about it as a pastime, an approach to sit back and unwind our brain. Indeed, as well as being a pastime activity for some time, they have various medical advantages from aiding youngsters in their abilities for improvement of memory, through improving your memory and mind-set, to forestalling significant mental sicknesses that come into play during old age.

Doing block puzzles can be viewed as a total mind practice since it practices both the privileged and left sides of the brain. The privilege is accountable for innovativeness, feelings, and natural reasoning, and the left is the intelligent, even-handed, and systematic side.

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When you do a puzzle, the two sides should convey and cooperate, expanding cognitive function. The occipital projection is the territory where the mind interfaces tones and shapes, and it is likewise initiated. Practicing the psyche forestalls cognitive decline.

When addressing a puzzle, mainly if the pieces are practically the same, it is critical to focus on subtleties. It would be best to prepare your eyes to track down the slight contrasts in shadings or shapes that will assist you in completing the picture. The capacity to catch little subtleties can help us in all parts of our lives, particularly while multi-tasking. At the point when we are more itemized and exact, the nature of our work improves.

Reasons Why Games Like Tetris and Minecraft are the Best-Selling Video Game of all Time

1. The Versatility

Games like Minecraft can be anything you need. On the first chance that you need a survivalist experience, Minecraft can be that. If you need to jump around and make superb urban communities and palaces, Minecraft is there for you. If you need to make wacky and indiscreet minigames, it is ideal for it. Going from manhunts to jail games, the universe of Minecraft can be changed into anything, which is a quality that very few other computer games have. There is no big surprise, the game’s fan following is vast.

2. The Creative Mode

The core of games like Tetris and Minecraft lies in its creative mode. On the first chance that you’ve at any point been an admirer of Lego, utilizing which you can construct pretty much anything, you’ll love the block-based creative mode of Minecraft and Tetris also. The game opens its players to a mode where endurance or warding off hordes isn’t a worry, and you can unreservedly make your work of art. Indeed, many individuals have gone through years on end making whole open universes in Minecraft.

3. The Exploration

The game Minecraft is a great deal about exploration. It has a lot of various biomes, with a scene that is consistently enjoyable to explore. A player’s satisfaction when they detect a tremendous vein of jewels or a town with a blacksmith or a wreck with extraordinary loot can’t be estimated. Minecraft is tied in with discovering new things as you continue investigating a ceaseless world.

4. The Quirky Graphics

Minecraft is likewise cherished for its detailed and blocky graphics. In case you’re new to Minecraft or Tetris, its graphics may appear to be vexing to you or even appear to be obsolete. In any case, the game wouldn’t be as famous without its short-sighted textures. Also, assuming you’re as yet not content with how the game looks, you can generally decide to upgrade its graphics by utilizing specific texture packs and shaders that add a touch of authenticity to the universe of Minecraft or the game of Tetris.


Solving puzzles has an incredible advantage; it expands the mind’s creation of dopamine. This synapse is answerable for directing temperament and hopefulness. It additionally influences learning, memory, and concentration. Moreover, the dopamine is delivered each time we do a puzzle, and surprisingly every time we put a piece in the correct spot. Therefore, this urges us to keep on doing as such and challenge ourselves.

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