Recently Divorced? Making Your House a Home in These Difficult Times

February 8, 2022

If you have found yourself newly single and are struggling with how you can make your new house more homely, you’ve come to the right place. While it can be easy to just keep the bare bones of everything you have, you will help yourself a lot if you try and style your home a bit to make things a lot more welcoming. No doubt this is a tough time and so you want to make yourself feel welcome and at home the minute you step through the door. This list will dive into more detail about the different ways you can style your house to make it a lot more welcoming as soon as you step through the door. 

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Struggling with Your Divorce? 

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Add Some Art to Your Home 

Nothing can make your home more quintessentially you than a piece of art that speaks to you as a person. A lot of the time, a new home can feel very asylum-like as you are surrounded by bland furniture and bare walls, meaning a piece of colorful art can really brighten things up. You don’t need to go crazy but just adding these few pops of color, whether it’s through a framed piece, throw pillows, or a rug, will make the whole room feel much more inviting and inspiring. 

Appreciate the Power of an Accent Rug 

It’s easy to forget about the floor when it comes to adding art and color to your home. You don’t need to spend time and money sorting out the tiles and wooden flooring if you don’t want to, as a simple accent rug can do the trick just fine. These can be block colors or fun patterns, depending on how busy you want the room to look.

Get the Lighting Right 

Having lights that are too dim or too bright can have a very negative impact on the energy of a room. You need to make sure that the lighting you have is soft so that it creates a cozy mood. There are loads of different ways that you can make such lighting happen, whether this is by using a pendant light, a cool task lamp or if you want to go all out, even a statement chandelier. 

Try to Find a Theme 

There are so many different décor options out there, to the point that it can be incredibly stressful knowing exactly what you want to use. As such, taking the time to find out what will work for you can be a lengthy process. If you choose a theme and stick to it, then you make it easier to choose the kind of décor that you can have throughout your home.

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