How to Market Your Nutritional Supplement Business

March 28, 2022

Starting a supplement business is exciting. However, no matter how great the product is, no one will be aware of its benefits until you tell them. This is where marketing comes in. You get to tell your target market all about your product, what it can do for them, and why they should purchase it. The art of marketing can be a bit of a challenge, but the below tips will take you far.

Use Offline Marketing Tactics

There are many offline channels, from TV and radio to newspapers, physical brick-and-mortar stores, and word of mouth. If you’re not a fan of magazines and newspapers, you might consider making flyers to help your marketing. Flyers are great because many people can have access to them, and they’re extremely handy and very easy to carry around. If you want to talk about your different supplements or direct people to your store, you only need to put all this information onto your flyer and share it with passersby.

You can contract a designer to create this flyer or look on the internet for free flyer templates to play around with. Websites such as Lucidpress offer you a variety of creative design templates, such as the event flyer template, forex trading flyer template, real estate flyer template, and many more. Once you’ve chosen one of the freebies from the best free flyer maker, don’t forget to include your company logo and shop location.

Partner with Experts

Another great way to get your product to the right audience is via partnerships with experts and other nutritional supplement manufacturers like Makers Nutrition. Local health experts consist of pharmacies, yoga instructors, personal trainers, acupuncturists, and chiropractors. The experts you choose to partner with should share your health vision and align with the kind of supplement or multivitamin you’re producing. Your ability to liaise with such experts can help you make more sales if you work with profit sharing or commissions in mind.

Treating them as actual partners encourages them to tell their clients and other trainer or expert friends about your product, and this word-of-mouth marketing strategy goes a long way to help give you more sales while improving wellness in the process. You can also liaise with other supplement manufacturers in other aspects of health to aid in your marketing. Suppose your gluten-free supplement is targeted toward women with joint pain. In that case, you could partner with a manufacturer that focuses on vegan antidepressants for male health and create joint programs that you both get to sell to your respective clients without any form of unhealthy competition.

Use Online Tools

Many people love scrolling on websites and social media platforms, which is why your business needs to be there, too! Online marketing of nutritional supplements is a necessity because it helps you engage directly with your customers all the time. Just like offline marketing, there are several channels you could adopt when marketing your products online. Some of them include having a website, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and influencer marketing.

Online marketing is also great because it is cost- and time-efficient. It doesn’t demand that you print countless copies of advertisements or pay newspapers to run your ads. It also allows you to reach more individuals outside your geographical location, which helps with your business expansion in the long run.

Lastly, never forget that the more attractive your product, the more likely customers are to purchase it. Over 75 percent of customers admit that they purchase a product based on how it looks. In such cases, appearances and first impressions count a whole lot. While your branding should be spectacular and memorable, you should also be mindful of your labeling. Many customers looking for healthy supplements go through ingredients to know whether or not the product is FDA-approved and free of all banned ingredients.

With these tips, your supplement business can be a success!

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