8 Ideas for Small Business Marketing to Compete with Bigger Brands

January 16, 2023

Good marketing is inevitable for all businesses in today’s hyper-competitive markets. It gives your business the visibility it badly needs and presents it to your target audience. If you run a business at the enterprise level and have a large marketing budget, you won’t have any problems. But what if you’re just a startup or own a small business and trying to compete with your richer and bigger competitors? 

Having a small business means you’ll have fewer resources and a budget to spend on expensive marketing, but that doesn’t mean you give up and lose all hope or wait to make a lot of money. In fact, there are some awesome, smart, and free marketing strategies for small business owners that have been proven by other successful businesses and will work for you as well. Here are some great ideas for small business websites for marketing that can help you get the best bang for your restricted budget.

#1 Create Stunning Website That Mirrors Your Business

The first most thing in marketing strategies for small businesses comes to having a website. It is the least all big brands have. It authenticates you as a good brand. Create a stunning website with a great user interface and experience design (UX/UI). Even if your website only showcases the who, what, where, and why of your business, it at least gives you a place on the web and a chance to appear in local search results which are essential to finding your business. Produce a unique blog for your business. If you do it precisely, blogging is a low-cost way to build a bigger market for your products or services. Post regularly and make sure you have something valuable to share. Act smart and choose the blogging platform that your customers are likely to visit. Additionally, develop and implement a social media plan. Developing your social media presence can be very effective marketing on a low budget.

#2 Create Interesting and Useful Content Related to Your Business

Well-researched and written content has the potential to generate significant traffic, leads, and sales. Engaging, user-oriented content attracts 23% more users. To create such content, the first step is to identify the right keywords. There are many free and paid tools you can use to identify which keywords are ranking your competition. Once you find these keywords, you need to beat them with better content. All you have to invest in is your time. 

Also, promote the content on all of your social media accounts. Blogs are very profitable because you can publish and promote your content for free. All he needs is your time and brainstorming. If you’re struggling to reach your audience through social media, consider cross-promoting. You can collaborate with another relevant business, promote it through your content, and vice versa.

#3 Focus on Social Media and Target Your Audience

According to studies, more than 3.2 billion people use their different social media accounts every day. Not only that, almost half of these people spend more than 6 hours on social media daily. This means that more than half of the world’s population uses social media every day, so your business must utilize these social platforms. Adding more stress to this point, this is a must in our list of ideas for small business marketing. 

This will put your business in front of a large number of probable customers. But it can get expensive. You can also do free social media marketing for small businesses. Some apps and social sites allow users to leave reviews on business pages. Encourage your customers to leave reviews on their profiles. Then when potential customers meet your profiles, they will see compliments from other customers. 

#4 Local SEO Can Help You Grow Your Business Faster and Better

39% to 44% of customers find local businesses in their area through local searches. Local SEO optimization allows your small business to gain high visibility and seize more business opportunities. Techniques like including location-specific terms in keywords and backlinks to local event pages will boost your presence in a more relevant area.

 This will increase your position in the ranking when nearby search engines search for your product or service. Using good local SEO strategies will help you achieve the best organic results and improve your chances of being found. Also, local SEO attracts more visitors to your website and online business profile, which can turn to leads and leads into potential customers.

#5 List Your Business in Local Business Directories

Many online business listing directory sites allow you to list your business for free, including Yelp, CityLocal Pro, Google My Business, Foursquare, Manta, and more. Listing your business is one of the most powerful marketing tips. Every time someone comes across your ad, you gain notoriety with potential future engagement. It also increases your chances of appearing in local search results. 

Furthermore, making your information public will dramatically improve your online presence, as users search for ads with specific criteria. The directory will connect your business if the keywords are correctly optimized. Business directories make your business visible to your local communities as well. By giving complete and accurate information on the business directories, they will put your business in touch with people looking for it, even if they aren’t explicitly looking for your business name.

#6 Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Marketing through customer service? Well yes, large companies often miss out or on grants on customer service and customer support. They think they have enough of them coming every day, missing out on some is not a big deal to them. This is their loose end you can’t afford to have. Our emotional human nature encourages personalized attention and connection, and good customer service incorporates just that. You can outsource the services of lead generation companies in the Philippines if you want to deliver quality customer service and provide a real human interaction with your interested customers.  When large businesses lose customers due to the frustration of automation and the inability to receive help, small businesses can shine. Let’s move to the next marketing strategies for small businesses.

#7 Offer Good Discounts

Offering discounts on your products or services can help you build loyalty and promote exclusivity. Offer discount codes or create a program to refer a friend. Plus, you can offer some motivations to customers who share your brand on social media. Discounts for referrals are a great marketing tactic, whether you use them in-store, online, or in both scenarios.

#8 Add Eye-Catching Infographics and Videos

The last one in the list of ideas for small business marketing is eye-catching content, that needs creativity and skills. 

Attractive yet informative infographics are a great way to attract an audience and get free organic traffic (for this must mention your brand logo and details on it). For this strategy, you will need to invest in a designer. In case you don’t want it, your team can use tools like Photoshop, Canva, and more to easily translate data into visually effective infographics and drive traffic and engagement. 

Additionally, video is the most consumed type of content on social media, and it’s the type of content that will help you get the most attention. As a small business owner with limited investing power, you should keep in mind that every view matters.

In the end, it is recommended to try all the possibilities to market your small business to see what works and whatnot. Then build further strategies and invest in ideas wisely.

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