5 Ways Mezzanines Can Help Your Business

June 6, 2022

Is your business quickly outgrowing its living space? As a start-up or a growing company, flexibility is key. If you want this on business premises, then you need to know the benefits of mezzanine technology. 

A mezzanine lets you build upwards, utilizing your available space. Read on for 5 reasons you must consider mezzanines for your premises. 

Increases Floor Space

As your business expands, it is inevitable that you will need more space. This involves moving to new, bigger premises. This may also involve an arduous moving process, or splitting your business across two sites. 

The problems with this can be overcome with a warehouse mezzanine. It means that you can utilize the space going upwards, adding an extra, temporary floor. This allows you to increase space while keeping all your inventory under one roof. 

Cost-Effective Solutions

Moving out and increasing your floorspace also comes with the added caveat of extra cost. If you own the premises, upgrading means buying a new building. If you rent, then you can be sure that you will not find a bigger place cheaper. 

A mezzanine storage deck is extremely cost-effect. Installation and the material needed are very reasonably priced. Once installed, you have no need to pay for extra space. 

One often-overlooked factor is that they also do not require any increase in utility bills. As everything is in the same building and floorspace, your heating and water bills remain the same. Any warm air will rise, meaning that if you have admin or retail areas on the mezzanine, they don’t require extra heating. 

Mezzanines Increase Retail Space

Mezzanines are not just good for storage platforms. In fact, they can vastly increase the size of your retail space. They have already been used to great effect in many major stores and outlets. 

The space you create does not even have to be your own. It could be rented out for extra income. Many places use it to add gyms and leisure facilities within their store itself, increasing income and footfall through their business.

Customizable Space

Mezzanines are modular builds. This means that as they come in small sections and link together, they can be used in a wide variety of shapes. They can fit into both large and small areas, with unlimited amounts of customization options which you can view here!

In addition, they can be easily expanded whenever you wish. You may decide to start small with your mezzanine. You can easily add to it, keeping costs down and growing the business in stages. 

Contact a Mezzanine Specialist

Contact a specialist in mezzanines for a quote. They will be able to advise you on the best shape, size and give a price. You can then compare this against the cost of moving the business and weigh up the pros and cons. 

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