What is Mobile Application Development?

January 6, 2023

Is it a tribute to fashion or a necessary thing? How much is it? But in fact – let’s tell the truth as it is. Our company receives dozens of applications a month for application development, but people are stopped by the cost. So what’s the bottom line? Will it pay off? Of course, everything is relative. Read here more.

Moreover, on the Internet there are a lot of app builders, loyalty systems, including, God forgive me, promoted through MLM!

We also reject the “ideological” comrades who want to create a second 2GIS or are looking for someone to make an application for them for three kopecks. We will only consider serious inquiries.

And there are quite a few of them. We also make targeted offers, including to well-known companies, if we assume that the application will be useful for them for work.

Nevertheless, we take on very few such projects. Why? Expensive. Yes, the development costs are really high. And now – it would be desirable, necessary, useful, interesting – but expensive! And the negotiations are dragging on. We are already accustomed to the fact that the cycle of the transaction (especially the negotiations before the start of work) in our field of activity can drag on for months or even years! The negotiations on the creation of the application have been going on even longer.

By the way, it is interesting to work in this niche – the competition is not so great, not all freelancers in a row take on the creation of such products; a cautious client would rather choose an agency, prefer to deal with an experienced team, and with a guarantee that the project will be completed.

How many times, starting to work with a new client, do you grab your head, seeing what kind of site he has (how to promote it?) – a curve, on a self-written platform, which was made for them by another “boy” for 10 thousand rubles … With mobile applications, such stories happen less often … Unless they will do something on the constructor, they will not feel the benefits of the application, and they will abandon the idea.

And here we move on to the next question. Many entrepreneurs do not understand – do they need it? And how will the application be used? What will it give them, what will it give to customers? How will it be promoted?

Here we see only one way – to find out with the client in detail what he wants. How does he see it? What will be in the functionality of the application? What functions are needed now, and what – later?

After all, it often happens that the client is quite satisfied with the adaptive version of the site, or the mobile version. And every developer knows how to justify their cost. Needless to say, the client of https://diceus.com/inhttps://diceus.com/industry/banking/mobile-banking/dustry/banking/mobile-banking/ gets even more confused.

So Who Will a Mobile App be Useful for?

First of all, the development of an application is advisable if it is planned that it will work without an Internet connection. It is best if he has some useful functionality (calculators, access to the loyalty system, etc.). The application also makes sense for serious online stores.


What Applications are There?

On the constructor or ready-made solutions. Yes, sometimes it can be a good option if we don’t expect anything too unique from the application.

Native. Simply put, this is a development from scratch. Usually, there is still a need to develop something specific.

There are also applications distributed through MLM projects. It’s purely subjective, we do not recommend getting involved with such developments – complete dependence on the developer, the need to pay for a license is not the best story.

How do you know if a mobile app will be useful for your business? Yes, if you have a loyal customer base with which you interact, constantly sell something to them, communicate with them. Then you can come up with some additional value that the application will give. It will allow you to unobtrusively and regularly notify customers about new products and promotions, use a loyalty program, quickly contact your managers, in the end, if it is beautiful and interesting, customers will love your company even more.

It is worth noting that a crooked, low-quality application will create a negative image, much like an old site. But even worse – a low-quality application will be removed from the smartphone instantly.

The key to success here is a clear technical task. Finally, it makes no sense to create an application if there is no understanding of how it will work and what will be of particular value to users, in addition to the functionality of the company’s website.

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