What is the Most Popular Security System

December 5, 2022

Commercial building and business owners understand the importance of minding their and their customer’s business. This is why they prioritize choosing the best security system for their facilities. Security systems protect them and their clients and customers against burglary, theft, and unauthorized access.

Mammoth Security Inc., a commercial security system installer, notes that no single business security solution works for everyone. With this in mind, this article explores some of the most popular security systems that commercial businesses can explore.


ADT is a commercial security solutions company producing a wide range of commercial-grade security devices to keep businesses safe and protected. Their products are rated the best for many reasons, including years of experience in the industry, leading security solutions and technology, ease of product installation, and diversity of available commercial-grade security products.

Many commercial-grade security solutions installers recommend products from this company due to the warranties and peace of mind it offers.

Pros of Choosing ADT;

  • Offers customizable commercial security solutions and products
  • Businesses can choose cybersecurity add-ons as part of the installation package
  • Over 14 decades of industry experience
  • Up-to-date security solutions and technologies.

Cons of Choosing ADT;

  • Security equipment can be expensive, with high initial costs
  • No universal pricing, making it harder to predict or establish a security budget
  • Often requires long-term contracts
  • Requires professional installation with added installation fees.


Commercial businesses in the early or mid-stages looking for the perfect security solutions for themselves and customers can choose SimpliSafe and its solutions. The company’s security solutions are predominantly available for residential customers but have moved into serving smaller businesses over the past few years.

An excellent advantage of choosing the security solutions offered is the availability of DIY installations. This allows property owners to save money on professional installations and installation fees.

Some of the common security systems offered include glass break sensors, motion sensors, security cameras, entry sensors, and even safety sensors like smoke and fire alarms.

Pros of Choosing SimpliSafe;

  • Offers flexible security monitoring options
  • DIY installations available, depending on preference
  • Easy to upgrade and integrate for building larger and more robust security systems
  • Indoor cameras double as video surveillance systems.

Cons of Choosing SimpliSafe;

  • Requires careful planning and intentional security systems design for robust protection
  • Requires upfront payment for security equipment
  • Available cloud storage for security footage starts from $9.99 a month
  • Strong Wi-Fi requirement for self-monitoring security services


One of the reasons Vivint has made it to this list is its commitment to customer satisfaction. Vivint thoroughly assesses the client’s property to determine the best security solution for them and how to meet their needs.

Once installed, customers will have access to some of the latest security solutions like tablet-like control panels and mobile app access to their security solution. Customers can also choose between self-monitoring and professional monitoring solutions based on preferences.

Vivint also offers its customers a chance to opt in or out of its video surveillance solution. It is important to note that the company’s video surveillance solution can be expensive, with its outdoor cameras costing around $400 each.

An excellent reason to choose Vivint for commercial security needs is that it protects employees and cargo using a plug-and-play device that can be attached to vehicles.

Pros of Choosing Vivint;

  • Vivint Smart Drive allows 24/7 recording of security footage
  • Fluid and highly rated mobile applications for easy access
  • It can easily be upgraded or integrated with home assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Offers modern and high-end tech equipment for security needs.

Cons of Choosing Vivint;

  • Expensive pricing for security equipment and monitoring
  • Long term contracts
  • Requires professional installations with no DIY option
  • Customer support can be unpredictable.

It is important to note that each business has specific security requirements that can affect its overall options. Below are some of the common options to choose from;

Intruder alarm systems: This security system can help commercial businesses deter potential intruders or unauthorized access from coming onto or into their property.

CCTV & video surveillance: CCTV has become a critical part of most business security installations. It offers 24/7 video footage of the property’s perimeter, ensuring that all in and out movements are captured and recorded.

Fire detection systems: Fire detection systems are great for protecting commercial properties from fire hazards. This system has become a legal requirement for most commercial businesses.

Access control systems: This security system manages the inflow of people and visitors into commercial buildings by letting only authorized personnel or visitors into the property.

Monitored security: This combines CCTV video surveillance with sensors and other security solutions. This system is monitored from the back end to pinpoint illegal activities and flag them. 

As a commercial business owner, it is important to compare and contrast all the available commercial security options to improve your business and customer protection.

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