The Web Security Essential You Shouldn’t Avoid

By Ankit
November 17, 2022

While there is no area of website security you should scrimp on, there’s one thing you really can’t afford to sleep on: SSL security. Whether you already have a website or are in the middle of creating one, you’ve likely heard that you should buy an SSL certificate. What most people don’t understand is why Is SSL really that big of a deal? Yes, actually. 

Here’s why.

It Secures Your Site’s Communications

SSL certificates use a technology called public-key cryptography to encrypt communications between your site’s server and anyone connecting to it via their web browsers. This means that anything sent over the connection cannot be accessed by anybody else. Encryption works by scrambling the data sent into something unreadable. The data can only be unscrambled by whoever has the right key (AKA, the website you’re communicating with). This is vital for user security. If you have an e-commerce store or any other website type that requires users to give you personal information, an SSL will ensure that their private data won’t fall into the wrong hands.

It Gains User Trust

It’s no wonder then that SSL is a key element of gaining user trust online. Most people nowadays know to look for an SSL certificate when they visit a website that’s new to them. Seeing the familiar padlock symbol will assure them that their connection is encrypted. If they need further reassurance, they can click on the symbol and read more information about you or your company, depending on your SSL’s validation level.

It Can help with SEO

Search engine optimization has been a key search engine ranking signal for a long time now. Google in particular will always rank a website with an SSL higher than one without. So simply having an SSL certificate will give you a headstart in the search engine rankings game. 

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It Makes Your Site Work

These days, it’s not just search engines that give preference to SSL, it’s web browsers too. Major web browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Firefox may not load your website properly if you don’t have an SSL certificate installed. In this instance, anyone trying to visit your site will be told it might not be secure. After being greeted by such a message, most users turn back. If you don’t want to lose visitors before your site even gets off the ground, an SSL is essential. 

Wrap Up

An SSL certificate is a security essential for many reasons, from its powerful encryption capabilities to keeping users, search engines, and web browsers happy. Keep your site safe and secure with an SSL today.

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