New Technology and Style for A Longer Lasting, Better Looking Window

February 8, 2022

A window is a vented barrier installed in a wall opening to allow light and air into the building while also providing a view of the outside. The addition of windows further enhances the building’s aesthetic appeal. Windows are essential in any space as it gives room for cross ventilation and air circulation. A room space without a window opening is oftentimes stuffy and gives off a foul smell. Windows have been in existence for as long as buildings. However, technology and other advancement have brought about changes and advancements in how windows are constructed. 

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Many structural changes have been made to modern windows. Most of these changes are aimed at reducing the cost of energy and the amount of heat lost.

Some of these technologies have brought about significant improvement in the ways windows are designed and manufactured. These technologies have helped to make longer-lasting windows and even helped to produce more beautiful windows. 

If you are thinking of getting your windows replaced by EZ Window Solutions, you can opt-in for any of these new solutions. 

Listed below are some of these new techniques and styles:

Fiberglass Frames and Sashes

Fiberglass window frames are made up of glass fibers and resin. These materials are known to react very little in response to temperature changes. Fiberglass frames are lighter when compared to the old wooden frames that are very bulky. Fiberglass frames are built with high technology insulation that creates a better fit and also prevents air from passing through the edges of the window frame. It also reduces heat transfer. The lightness of this window frame makes it last long and durable. It also makes it possible for it to hold a larger expanse of glass. The fiberglass frames can easily be painted to any color—this enhances beautification, as the owner can explore creativity through painting. 

Fiberglass window frames are becoming more common with homeowners and builders due to their elegance and durability.

Low-Emissivity Glass

Low-emissivity glass, also known as Low-E glass, is a form of energy-efficient glass that prevents heat from escaping through your windows to the cold outside. By using low-emissivity glass in your window spaces, you can efficiently manage your energy consumption. Reduced energy consumption, in turn, saves the homeowner money that would have been used to buy energy. 

Unlike ordinary glass windows, where a significant amount of the longwave heat escapes easily. The Low-e coating, on the other hand, mirrors the heat back into your space, reducing the amount of energy used by your heating system to sustain a reasonable room temperature.

When one considers the amount that can be saved, it is usually advisable to use low-emissivity glass for your window spaces. The low-emissivity glass is also attractive and beautifies the space. 

Insulated windows

When dealing with windows, it is essential to consider the kinds of frames and glass that will be of benefit to the homeowner. Insulating glass window units have been made possible as a result of technological advancements. These glass window units are specifically designed to make your space warmer during winter and cooler during the summer. A standard insulated glass unit consists of two or three lines of glass with four surfaces. Also, the glass used in these window units is relatively cheap and affordable. The homeowner can cut costs while not compromising on quality and beauty. 

Impact Glass

Impact glass is also called hurricane windows. This window technology came into existence after hurricane Andrew in 1992. The hurricane destroyed houses and windows simply because they couldn’t withstand the pressure from the hurricane. The impact glass is much stronger and can withstand the pressure from whirlwinds and hurricanes. It can also withstand a heavy impact hit from a cannon. It ensures safety, comfort and is long-lasting. 

Robotic window cleaners

When your frames and glasses are clean, it makes the window attractive and prevents it from accumulating dust and other particles that can destroy the window. Unfortunately, there are so many things on our to-do list that cleaning and maintaining your windows might not be a priority. Technology has made window cleaning easier by creating a robotic window cleaner to make your windows look nice and last longer. These robotic window cleaners use motor-powered suction and can clean inside out and from edge to edge. 

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